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Thanksgiving meals

Happy Friday!  I’ve been looking for some new recipes for Thanksgiving this year.  It’s just going to be the two of us (kind of 3, haha.) I’m still going to make us a full Thanksgiving meal.  Here are some of the dishes I have my eye on…

thanksgiving collageRoasted brussels sprouts with lemon mustard parsley dressing/Rosemary roasted carrots recipe

Two-way stuffing with mushrooms and bacon/Roasted garlic green beans with lemon and parmesan

Roasted acorn squash and apple with quinoa, kale, and tahini dressing/Rosmary potato kale tart


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holiday gift guide

Gift Guide Cover

We are happy to share with everyone the cupcakeMag holiday gift guide. There are so many great gift ideas, and so many small, wonderful businesses to support.  We are showcasing our cream aztec sweater, which is the perfect sweater for fall.

Here is the link…

cupcakeMag holiday gift guide


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apple picking

apple1This past week we drove out to the country to do a little apple pickin.  I’m only working till noon at another job right now, then come home and work on orders for the store.  I decided to take a break from it all, and go have a little fun.

We decided to stop and have lunch at the famous Andersen’s Split Pea Soup.  It was awesome!  We each had two bowls. We were nice and full and wanted to take naps, but we drove over to the apple orchard, and even made a quick stop at the pumpkin patch.  I have never been apple picking, but I see pictures of friends on the east coast doing it every year at this time.  I’m so happy we went, we had a ton of fun!

Oh, and while at the pumpkin patch we bought a huge bundle of hay to put on our front porch, with all of our pumpkins. True country livin’.  I wish.

apple7^^^This place was the best, if you’re ever in Solvang, go!^^^


apple5^^^Obligatory apple orchard picture.^^^


apple2^^^I feel so bad for all of the apples that don’t make it.  What a waste.^^^


apple2^^^My partner in crime.^^^






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The fourth of july!

food and fourth 028

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!  We were pretty mellow around here.  No beach, no picnics, no nothing, just some good ole fashion relaxation.  The hubby worked, and I made a yummy peach, blueberry, apple, gluten-free cobbler.  At night, I grabbed a couple of friends and ventured out to watch the fireworks.  I decided after being in all day, that I really needed to get out of the house.  We have been very busy with lots of upcoming things going on, that it was so nice to just veg all day long.  We watched the fireworks from a parking structure, which turned out to be the perfect idea, then, we didn’t have to deal with all of the beach traffic.  I also got to snap some photos of our beautiful city.  It turned out to be the perfect fourth!

Now, time to start trying to eat healthy AGAIN!

PicMonkey Collage

food and fourth 033

food and fourth 036

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Happy memorial day!

We’re excited that Memorial day is here!  For many it means the beginning of summer, bbq’s, parties, and pools…

We are also grateful for all of those who have fought, in all of the wars,  for the rights that we have today.  Especially for those who have given their lives for us.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

PS we have been enjoying all of the beautiful flowers around our area and at our local farmer’s market.

memorial weekend 026

memorial weekend 028


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Weekend Shenanigans


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, or just a wonderful Sunday. We had a fun-filled weekend. Lots and lots of eating. On Friday we dyed eggs and ate pizza, Saturday we baked cupcakes, and Sunday we tried to go on a morning hike, but the rain decided to bless us with its presence, so instead we met friends for brunch. I made a big, yummy Easter feast for dinner, for the hubby and I.
 Now, time to get back to the healthy eating and cutting out the sweets. I’ve been doing so well, but caved this past weekend. It’s ok, life isn’t fun unless you treat yourself to treats. Ha!

Oh yeah, Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

Excuse the hair and attire, it was a super casual day.

Homemade cupcakes from scratch.

My new cake stand the husband gave me for Easter. Love!

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A Valentine’s Day To Remember

I had the most amazing Valentine’s day. My husband, who always has something up his sleeve, pulled off a good one. We went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Opal. We had a lovely dinner, and then came time for the dessert. I see the waitress walking over with a candle on the dessert, and asked “Why does she have a candle on the dessert”, Dave said “I don’t know”. She arrived at the table with a plate that said “Happy Valentine’s Day” in chocolate with a box sitting along with it, that had a Canon EOS Rebel T3 in it. Oh My! I sure was surprised. The funny thing about this, was that on our way to dinner, I told my husband that I didn’t really need to have that camera that I’ve been obsessing about for a while. Ha!

What a fun night. I only wish I was as good as my husband with gift giving. He always goes to the extreme. No complaints here.
 Thanks, honey.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day!

We started our morning off with lots of kisses and hugs. I got to deliver all of my little treats last night, because the husband said he planned something special for the two of us tonight. So we’ll see what the mister has in order. He always has great surprises!

Yesterday was a full on bake day. With lots of goodies packed up to deliver to our friends. We wanted to let them know how much we love them and appreciate having them in our lives.

ps check out the red chocolate chips, they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Mardi Gras!

Today is the official day for Mardi Gras. Boy, do I sure wish we were in New Orleans. (I just want to experience it once). We have a good friend who sent us an overnight package in celebration of the day. I thought it was going to be a bunch of beads (until I noticed the sticker that read “cake inside”), Of course that REALLY grabbed my attention. Upon opening we found a HUGE cake. A King Cake. The King Cake is a brioche-style cake traditionally made throughout the State of Louisiana during the weeks prior to Mardi Gras. Usually oval in shape, the King Cake is a bakery delicacy made from a rich Danish dough (which is a sweetened yeast bread…a cross between a coffee cake and a French pastry) and covered with a poured sugar topping decorated in the traditional Mardi Gras-colored sugars of purple (symbolizing Justice), green (symbolizing Faith) and gold (symbolizing Power). This colorful topping is representative of a jeweled crown in honor of the Three Wise Men who visited the Christ Child on Epiphany (a word derived from the Greek meaning “to show”). Epiphany, also known as Twelfth Night (i.e., January 6) is when the Carnival Season officially begins.

The King Cake tradition is believed to have begun with French settlers around 1870, who were themselves continuing a custom which dated back to Twelfth Century France, when a similar cake was used to celebrate the coming of the Magi twelve days after Christmas bearing gifts for the Christ Child. This celebration was also once known as King’s Day. As a symbol of this Holy Day, a tiny plastic baby (symbolic of the baby Jesus) is placed inside each King Cake but in times gone past, the hidden items were usually coins, beans, pecans or peas.

Today, the cakes are baked in many shapes but originally, they were round to portray the circular route take by the Magi in order to confuse King Herod, whose army was attempting to follow the Wise Men so that the Christ Child could be killed. The origin of the modern King Cake can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when popular devotion during Christmas turned to the Three Wise Men. In 1871, the tradition of choosing the Queen of Mardi Gras was determined by who drew the prize within the cake. Today, such a find is still deemed to be a sign of good luck and it customary for the person who discovers the hidden plastic baby to host the next King Cake Party.

I guess that means I’m hosting a King Cake Party next year. (I found the baby)

Thanks to our good friend, for such a delicious introduction to Mardi Gras.

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