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Bye 2017…


Happy almost New Year!

First, I want to thank everyone that follows along on this blog and/or on Instagram.  It truly keeps me going some days. I love you all so much!

2017 proved to be the year of putting principles before personality. It was a true test for me, and not an easy one. It was a hard year, I’m not going to lie. Grateful for all of the lessons learned, but I’m definitely ready to move on.

Every aspect of my life was tested. My marriage, my business, parenthood, and myself. I spiritually grew stronger, not in a comfortable way, but in a “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” way.

I don’t want you to think I’m complaining, I’m not, I’m being honest. I heard a lot of “being my authentic self”, and “genuine” and a thousand other positive words on social media this year. While I think everyone gives it their best (their social media best), we still aren’t showing our “true” selves completely. I personally like to see the good, the bad and possibly the ugly. In my “real” life all three of those words can be seen at some point. I know everyone likes to keep it positive on social media, as do I, but once in a while sharing the “raw” truth is exactly what someone else needs to hear.

I remember going through IVF and having a miscarriage, two things everyone slides under the rug. I felt so alone and scared. No one talked about it. But, why? Why are we trying to be someone or something we’re not? Both of those things are mentally challenging for anyone who goes through them. You can’t deny that.  Mothers (women) more than anything need each other during such a painful time.

Why do we criticize other peoples grammar or punctuation issues, which I have so before you start judging… Why? Why can’t we leave people alone and let them be who they are. Because, they don’t write, talk or say things like you do? Who cares?

My daughter goes to a school, which we love, but some of the mothers there are something else. It’s small and you see the same people everyday, but they can’t acknowledge you, say a quick hi, nope nothing. Instead they put their head down or look in another direction.  Why? Are you too good to say hi? I don’t have as much money as you? Ego? It’s terrible, and that’s what we are teaching our children. They are little sponges soaking it all in. Yet, we want to raise kind humans. Well, news alert, you have to be one yourself.

We wonder why are country is loosing any such thing as community. It’s because in all honesty we don’t treat people the same. we judge, we ridicule, we’re opinionated, the list goes on and on…

Please, stop and pause before you make a judgement or do something you know isn’t right. You never know what a simple hello may do for someone.

2017 made me a pretty strong woman, but I’m ready to move forward and take on 2018. No resolutions, no dieting, no promises that I can’t keep. The one thing I will do as a promise to myself is work even harder on my spiritual growth. My spirituality has carried me a long way, and it is the one thing that never lets me down and helps me to become an even better person. I will also work on building community.

Peace and love to all of you!



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Protein Pancakes you want to make

Happy New Year!

I have decided to eat clean this year, or at least try.  I have been completely addicted to sugar for the past 5 years, and it is getting the best of me.  My whole body. I just don’t feel like I use to, and there is no better time than now.  I’ll try to check in as often as possible to share recipes and details on how it’s going.  Love Threads and being a mommy keeps me pretty busy, so I’ll do my best.  I’ve also joined a Facebook page with some other girls who are doing the same thing, so we can all stay accountable.  I felt that because we were already on this awesome essential oil journey, that this fit right in.

Here is what I pretty much eat everyday…

Breakfast: 1/4 cup gluten free oats with a 1/4 cup pomegranate seeds // 5 or 6 egg whites with spinach and tomatoes

(I will alternate and have protein pancakes instead of the above)

Snack: apple and a handful of almonds

Lunch: medium sized spinach salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions, peppers, and chicken breast or quinoa

Snack: cottage cheese and a few berries

Dinner: fish or chicken, and some sort of green veggie, and sometimes I will have half of a yam or sweet potato.

Snack: (I don’t always eat all of my snacks) protein ball or Fage greek yogurt 0% with a few berries

Also, some of my snacks are alternated with green juice.  I’ve been on a huge juicing kick. I can’t bake anymore, so I juice! I love it!

Here is the recipe for the protein pancakes. Keep in mind I didn’t do exact measurements, but we all know what the consistency of a pancake is, so use your best judgment.


2 or 3 egg whites

2 T protein powder ( I use egg white protein by Jay Robb from Whole Foods)

mashed banana or pumpkin

a few drops of stevia

1/2 teas of baking powder

splash of almond milk

splash of vanilla

Instead of syrup I took frozen berries and microwaved them for a minute and it turns into a sauce.  Pour over the top. In all honesty, we pushed the berries to the side.  They were so good without the berries, you don’t even need them.


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word(s) for 2014

new year

I love the ending of a year, and the beginning of a new one.  It really makes me pause and reflect on what happened the previous year, and my goals for the coming year.  This year I’m picking a word, or in this case words…  Gratitude and meditation.  Two things that I easily let slip away when life starts to get busy.  If I stay in gratitude, I don’t have any expectations for anything or anyone.  I’m more kind, appreciative, and balanced.  I live one day at a time, and appreciate just breathing.  Meditation, this is something that has taken me years to learn.  Some days it’s guided, others it’s silent. It has never been easy for me, but when I do it, I feel at peace.  It slows me down, and lets me appreciate just being. It keeps my airways fresh, and allows my heart to love more and to be a kinder person.

I’m going to become a mommy this year, and I couldn’t be more excited. Although, I have been warned(not really warned, but talked to), by some very good, honest friends, who are mamma’s, that preparing myself is the most important thing I can do.  I don’t mean by buying all of the necessities, or whatever else, I mean meditating and preparing myself for a life change.  No more me, no more sleep, and no more schedule.  Making sure I’m in a good spot when our little angel arrives.  I’m not sure you can ever be too ready, but having such honest talks, have helped me be prepared.

This past year was a doozy, to say the least.  we went through some major life situations, lost a good friend, and felt a bit of sadness, but overall, God brought us out on top, and we couldn’t be better.  Funny how that works!

So, here is to 2014 and knowing it will bring lots of great changes!


new year3


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