a beach bbq

beach bbq bday 028

This last weekend we had a small bbq at the beach.  It was perfect.  “June gloom” has definitely set in, but I like it.  I’m sure by the end of June I’ll be over it.  The bbq, was a gathering to celebrate a special day for a beautiful journey that I am on.  I truly feel blessed to have so many special people in my life who care.  It has taken me a while (a long while) to adjust to California.  I have many wonderful friends, who have been through it all with me, and know me, almost better than myself, back in Omaha.  I speak with them almost daily, which almost makes it harder (i’m tearing up writing this).  But, I have made some new friends along the way, and they are special to me too.  So, this was a party with my new friends, that they so generously threw for me, and I am forever grateful for them.

Thanks, old and new friends.  I love you all!

beach bbq bday 014

^^^My girlfriends son, Weston, is always in my pictures, because she is my only friend with a baby.  But, more are coming.  Yay^^^

beach bbq bday 026

beach bbq bday 043

beach bbq bday 030

beach bbq bday 023^^^I had just received my super awesome present from my some of my favorite girls^^^

beach bbq bday 044

beach bbq bday 020

beach bbq bday 006^^^My husband with our little buddy, Weston^^^

beach bbq bday 032

beach bbq bday 039


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