A Must See Film. If Anything For A Little Humor.

Ok, so this video I’m about to show you, is of a good, family friend, who enjoys acting as a side gig.  But first a little history: Helen is our Greek friend, full of life and never a dull moment when in her presence.  She always has the FULL attention of everyone in the room, or at least will make you pay attention when she is speaking.  Now, Bill, he’s the guy on the left.  he’s a funny one, he likes bacon…A LOT!!!  Ken, my dad, on the right, is probably rolling his eyes through this whole thing.  See, my dad is an extremely realistic person, so “acting”, isn’t really his gig, if you know what I mean.  Now, I see that this was filmed at my parents house, so most likely this went on during one of their usual weekend get togethers.  Probably a good chance that they had a little, just a little (wink) wine and maybe some scotch, knowing my dad and Bill.  Kudos for whoever was behind the camera (mom and/or Alicia).  How do you do it?!
I can only hope I’m filming short snippets like this when I’m in that age bracket.  Seems like a lot of fun, and if anything funny as hell to watch. 
So keep an open mind while watching and know that this happens to be one of the funniest people we know (Helen). 
Hopefully you can all get/see the humor in this, if not, so sorry.

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