Bars, Yay or Nay?

I was talking to my girlfriend the other day, and she mentioned that she really needs to start getting her 3 year old to eat better.  “He only wants to eat corn dogs”, she says to me.  I told her to start giving him a Power Crunch or Kind bar, for a snack, he will think it’s a sweet treat, but really it is quite good for him.  So this starts the controversy, are bars good for you or not?After a pretty thorough research, I have come up with Power Crunch bars and Kind bars, being two of the better ones out there.
Power Crunch Bars
Power Crunch bars have 13 grams of protein.  It’s the best balanced bar.  It has way less fat and sugar than other bars.  It’s amazing how much fat they pack into protein bars.  Some have more than 10 grams of saturated fat in one bar, and upwards of 25 grams of sugar.  Power Crunch taste great (wafer cookie-like with peanut butter and chocolate), and only have 5 grams of sugar in each bar.  Also low in carbohydrates.  One bar has 195 calories, which is great!
Our favorite Power Crunch bar is Peanut Butter Fudge

Kind Bars
This is the one bar I can actually pronounce every single ingredient.  The Kind bar has 150 calories, and they have a good source of fiber and protein.  They have no refined sugar, they are gluten free, wheat free, non-Gmo, and free of sulphur dioxide (poisonous gas often found in food).
Our favorite Kind bar is Almond & Coconut

Bars can be found at Trader Joe’s.


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