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February at Love Threads

Hello!! It’s been a while. We have so many amazing, new arrivals! We have been working around the clock to bring you the best of the best! We will slowly be adding to the Spring collection throughout the month.

We hope you are all having a wonderful February! Hopefully we will see you back here more often.

Amelia Dress
The Evan Jumpsuit
Eva Jumpsuit
La Jolla dress


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Fall Is Here!

Fall is here, well in most parts of the country anyway. Santa Barbara, has a little bit of a warmer Fall than most places, but it’s still Fall in my mind. I’m from the Midwest, and this will always be one of my favorite seasons.

I decorated the porch on Sept 29th, I couldn’t wait. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy, but that’s OK. Halloween is right around the corner. YAY!!

The shop has so many new Fall arrivals, and I wanted to share a few with you. Also, some fun pictures from this last week.


Life Lately…..

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New Fall Arrivals…








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beauty // laurel

laurel new

Happy Monday!

Next up, on our beauty series is, Laurel whole plant organics.  They are a flower and herb based skincare line.  Using the highest standards for organic ingredients that they can.  One of our favorite things about the company, is that they source straight from the farmers. Seed to seal, is what we live for.

These last few years I have really worked on what we (as a family) put in to our bodies. After having Eleanor, I realized, more than ever, that I want to be very health conscious of anything we ingest.  Yes, that means beauty products.  Our skin is our #1 shield to protect us, but we have to protect that shield as well.

I had the pleasure of trying a few of Laurel’s products, and enjoyed them all.  The anti-inflammatory serum, was wonderful.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for a good serum. I put one on my face religiously, everyday.

If you don’t know where to start with a new company, I always think a serum or an elixir (toner), is a good place to start.  You can almost never go wrong.

I understand that cleaning out your toxic beauty closet isn’t going to happen overnight, but it’s worth doing the research to see what products are and are not good for your skin.  We have this app, which has really helped us discard what is pretty much “poison” for our bodies.

Happy beauty journey!

laurel2 new

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beauty // pursoma

pursoma3 newpursoma4 newHappy Friday! Next up, for our all natural beauty series is, Pursoma. Everything about this company says perfect! Their beauty products detoxify, rejuvenate, and soothe the body, from the inside out. We were lucky to try the ocean potion bath, which is made to detoxify the body with the sea’s restorative minerals, stimulate circulation with sea salt, and eliminate toxins on a cellular level. WOW! is all we can say. It was absolutely amazing! Leaving our skin feeling wonderful. The other product we were lucky to try was the earth bound body mask

We had the chance to have a Q&A with CEO and owner, Shannon Vaughn, what a beauty…

1) What led you to start your business?

Pursoma was created because I faced a health crisis which I was confident was a result of environmental toxicity. Extremely stressful situations in my life; poor nutrition in my daily diet; and toxic hormonal disruptors in my beauty and skin care regime left me unwell. Unhappy with the prospects offered by traditional medicine, I engaged in holistic therapies guided by a nutritionist and homeopathic doctor that emphasized detox and rejuvenation.  Following my recovery, I worked closely with a nutritionist and biochemist to formulate potent, effective detox treatments that left me feeling vibrant and alive and gave me a sense of internal peace.  It was this process of “soma”, or transition, to wellness, along with the understanding I gained about what it meant to be truly healthy, that inspired me to want to spread this message to others and share the tools to achieve similar results.  Thus, Pursoma was born.

2) How do you incorporate a holistic lifestyle into your daily life?

I try to be conscious daily of what I consume, especially if I am on the go because then I have to be more focused about it. When I am at home I have developed a very healthy routine and I stick to that. Obviously there are times when things need to be adjusted, for instance I am pregnant now and felt the need to eat animal products because my body wanted them. But usually I make it very simple for myself and I look at a meal or menu or food item and say, can I see the origin of the food? Is it a whole food? And I try to eat as simply as possible.

3) Favorite items you can’t live without?

There is nothing I can’t live without. I have lived in so many different countries and environments around the world at various stages of my life, that I have learned that I can always adapt. But if I had to list a few essentials that feel really important to me

1. Lemon water in the morning followed by a super high quality green tea.

2. Pursoma Floral Defense which is a homeopathic remedy for living well in today’s modern world (not released yet, coming soon!!!!)

3. A really good body oil. I love body oil and apply it after shower and before bed to keep my skin hydrated, usually it’s unscented.

4) What does your daily routine look like?

In the morning, I have the juice of one lemon in 12-16 ounces warm water, then I have green tea or very little decaf coffee with coconut milk.  Next, before or after exercise, I have a fresh green juice that I make at home or that I get from a local juice store (fresh, rather than cold pressed. I like cold pressed juices for a cleanse but prefer to have the fiber from a fresh juice on a daily basis.) I also alternate at home between juice and a blended green drink. I exercise (either cycle indoors at home or go outdoors on my bike, depending on the weather). I work a lot so I make sure to drink at least 3 liters of water per day and I eat quite regularly even between meals, but always super healthy. I hate to wait till 8:00 pm for dinner, I find I feel much better if I eat earlier and don’t eat much at night.

5)We love the idea of the digital detox! What is your idea of the perfect digital detox?

I unplug daily, but when I do it for longer time periods, I get all my work done so that I feel relaxed when I totally disconnect.  I usually do this when I spend time at my farm because there is a terrible internet connection there (a good thing) and once I am outdoors it feels intuitive to me to not be connected to an electronic gadget; out there, technology just instinctively feels out of place, like being totally overdressed for a casual party.

6) Where do you see you and your company in 5 years?

I would like to see it reaching a much more mass market and communicating a clear message that we live in a fast paced world and we need to take time to detox and reboot. I want women and young girls to know how to protect themselves against urban toxicity, and offering tools to do that. I want to create a medication platform that can be accessible and attainable to all without it feeling like you need a particular company to teach you how to do it. By offering consumers products that combat environmental stressors and by providing helpful educational information about diet and wellness, we can encourage them to stay balanced and well in their lives. I want my customers to understand and FEEL that there is a new norm for what it really means to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

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beauty // klurskin

klurskin newDuring our beauty series, we have had the privilege to test out many different beauty products. We have loved pretty much all of them. But, we did have some that we favored over others, and Klurskin is one of them.  Klurskin, is a botanical based beauty company, who believes beautiful skin can be achieved without compromise.  They are 100% non toxic. We LOVE that! Your skin is the most important part of YOU. We also love that their products are made close to us, in Los Angeles.

We tried Klurskins Rose Hips + Calendula Nourishment Serum, Organic Fusion Radiance Oil, and Jojoba & Coconut Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.  WOW! They were all amazing! We mixed the radiance oil and the serum together, for a wonderful morning hydration, before we put on our face cream. The combination was light and felt wonderful on our skin, first thing in the morning. We used the hydrating cleanser at night, and it left our skin feeling clean and free of all of the particles the day leaves.

This is a wonderful company, and we loved their products!  Who doesn’t love a good serum?!


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beauty // ursa major

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I love coming across beauty products that are all natural, and completely new to me. I was told about Ursa Major from a friend. Their products are 98-100% natural, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.  This is a company that truly wants the best for your skin.

We tried a few different products and liked them all. They left our skin feeling smooth and clean. We loved the handy, toner wipes.  They left our face feeling fresh and clean.  The face wash wasn’t heavy, which is a win win for me.  My skin tends to be touchy and sensitive, so anything heavy is never my friend.

This is a great company! Show them some love, and take a look at all of their goodness. Also, they have some killer men products, for that man in your life.


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beauty // herbivore botanical

herb3 new

We are kicking off our beauty series with one of the best companies (in my opinion), on the market right now…

Do you ever come across a line of beauty products and wonder why you haven’t made the plunge to purchase them earlier?! I certainly wondered this when I tried Herbivore Botanicals. Everything about this company raises my vibration. Seriously!

It started with, a few simple emails back and forth with their staff. They are the kindest folks. Then you move on to their extremely sleek, clean, simple packaging. From there, the actual products, are amazing! Amazing, is probably not even doing the line justice. It’s OUT OF THIS WORLD, GOOD!!!

I tried the jasmine oil, which is a hydration for the skin.  It made my skin feel amazing! I applied it as soon as I got out of the shower.  I actually completely replaced it for my lotion.  I also tried the hydrating toner, which restores pH balance and removes all impurities. I’m a sucker for a good toner, and this is definitely on the top of my list. I would wash my face at night and spritz it on afterwards. In the morning I spritzed it on after I applied my makeup, for a fresh and hydrating feeling.

Check out their website, if you get a chance. I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with their products as much as I did.

herb1 new

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word(s) for 2014

new year

I love the ending of a year, and the beginning of a new one.  It really makes me pause and reflect on what happened the previous year, and my goals for the coming year.  This year I’m picking a word, or in this case words…  Gratitude and meditation.  Two things that I easily let slip away when life starts to get busy.  If I stay in gratitude, I don’t have any expectations for anything or anyone.  I’m more kind, appreciative, and balanced.  I live one day at a time, and appreciate just breathing.  Meditation, this is something that has taken me years to learn.  Some days it’s guided, others it’s silent. It has never been easy for me, but when I do it, I feel at peace.  It slows me down, and lets me appreciate just being. It keeps my airways fresh, and allows my heart to love more and to be a kinder person.

I’m going to become a mommy this year, and I couldn’t be more excited. Although, I have been warned(not really warned, but talked to), by some very good, honest friends, who are mamma’s, that preparing myself is the most important thing I can do.  I don’t mean by buying all of the necessities, or whatever else, I mean meditating and preparing myself for a life change.  No more me, no more sleep, and no more schedule.  Making sure I’m in a good spot when our little angel arrives.  I’m not sure you can ever be too ready, but having such honest talks, have helped me be prepared.

This past year was a doozy, to say the least.  we went through some major life situations, lost a good friend, and felt a bit of sadness, but overall, God brought us out on top, and we couldn’t be better.  Funny how that works!

So, here is to 2014 and knowing it will bring lots of great changes!


new year3



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The last of Florida

florida^^^The peace sign is because his shorts were falling down. ha!^^^


We are back home and back to our regular every day activities.  I am working on a few projects and one really BIG one that I can’t wait to share with you VERY soon.  I’m so excited I can hardly wait, but I have to, just for a few more weeks.  We had the best time in Florida.  We were down there to deal  mainly with some medical stuff, but we had lots of free time to enjoy our surroundings.  The pictures below were of our last hooray at the beach with Dave surfing and doing his thing in the water. I wish I could surf, I’m afraid of sharks.  True story.  I even spent the summers of my childhood at the beach, and to this day I have a huge fear of sharks.  So I just put my toes and maybe a little more in and that’s it.  I leave the cool surfing thing up to my husband.

Thanks, Florida.  You sure are hot and humid, but you also have the most amazing clouds in your sky.






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a dreamy backyard

I came across the most amazing backyard in Lonny magazine.  Lake Bell, showcased her backyard for the mag and it’s phenomenal.  I long for the day we have a backyard.  We live in a place where every square inch is built on.  I remember living in Nebraska, where my house had a large backyard and front yard.  I miss that.  There’s something about an open piece of land that feels so freeing, even if it’s a small piece.

I love the decor and ambiance in Bells backyard.  Here are a few of my favorite photos.  Click here to read the whole article.

bell backyard

bell backyard1

bell backyard2

bell backyard3

bell backyard4







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