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Simple White Cupcakes

 This weekend was the perfect weekend to stay in and bake.  It was chilly and rainy, and just perfect!  I made some healthy peanut butter cookies, which I will post soon, but the yummiest of all, were the cupcakes.  100%  homemade.
Simple White Cupcakes
1 cup sugar (I use coconut sugar)
1/2 cup Earth Balance (vegan spread, from TJ’s)
2 large egg whites
2 tsp vanilla extract
11/2 cup flour ( I use buckwheat or corn)
11/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup nonfat milk
Preheat oven to 350.  Place cupcake liners in pan. Set aside.
Cream together the sugar and the margarine, beat in the egg whites one at a time, then stir in the vanilla.  Combine flour and baking powder and mix well.  Stir in milk until batter is smooth.  Pour into liners.
Bake 20-25 minutes

Homemade frosting
In a bowl add some powdered sugar, a little nonfat milk and a little butter.  Mix together.  I eyed everything for this, but just get the consistency to look like frosting.  You may have to keep adding a little here or a little there.  Then I sprinkled with coconut.
You can also add food coloring or anything else for your toppings.

Happy Baking!


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This and That

 The weather is finally cooling off out here, and we are preparing for our first Halloween party.  My mom is coming out to stay with us and join in the festivities, and we are so excited!  This time of year has always been my favorite.  Don’t get me wrong, because I am ever so grateful that we live where we do, but I do miss those brisk mornings and seeing the leaves on the trees turn colors.  It finally has dropped from the 80’s down to 60 and 70’s.  We have been baking, and cooking again.  It was too hot to use any appliances before. 
We did our weekly Trader Joe’s shopping and I wanted to share with you the most amazingly delicious find…

Honey sesame cashews
You must run out and get them, they are heavenly…and not too bad for you.


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Boy & Beach

 Me and the mister had a very impromptu the other day, and got to spend some quality time together at the beach.  We used to go to the beach every day after work, when we first started dating.  Then life started and we took the beach for granted.  Not that we don’t go to the beach but it always seems planned.  We decided we need to get back to our after work (mind you we are both done working at 2:30) beach time.

Happy Friday!!!




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Frolicking with Family and Friends

We’re Back!

We just returned from our trip to my hometown, Omaha, Ne. My husband, who is from southern California, has never had a chance to visit, so we packed our suitcases and flew 1400 miles.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by my mom and dad. The weather was perfect (not humid, believe it or not), and the eating began. I wanted to make sure to show my husband every single stomping ground that I used to frequent, so we were busy.

We had wonderful lunches at M’s Pub, Greek Islands and of course I had to introduce him to Runza. We grabbed a delicious pizza from Pitch and yummy sushi from Blue Sushi. We also had some great dinners with family and friends.

My best girlfriends are still in Omaha and I miss them dearly. We had some fun nights and reminisced about old times (God, we were crazy).

Omaha is a really great city, with many things to do (mainly eating). The music scene is great, food is delicious and we could not have asked for better weather, and yes my husband LOVED it!

I have posted some fun pics from our outings.


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Plantify Your Home

My husband and I decided to detoxify our home.  After reading nonstop, about all of the possible dangerous chemicals in our home, we decided to go buy plants for starters. 
If you can believe it, indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air.  Between cleaning products, aerosols, air fresheners, paints, carpet and disinfectants, they all cause harm.  Children and adults spend 90% of their time indoors, which means improving indoor quality should be top priority.  A great way to combat this problem is to cleanse your air with indoor plants. 
All plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and some actually remove chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air.
The following is a list of plants that are known to function as efficient air detoxifiers and remove toxins from the air, as well as producing essential oxygen.  By the way all of these plants are low maintenance and high efficiency.

Peace Lily
Chinese Evergreen
Snake Plant
Spider Plant
Aloe Vera
English Ivy
Boston Fern

If you live in Santa Barbara we recommend:
 7 Day Nursery: 3301 State Street
We bought Dracaena, Boston Fern and Snake Plants.


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Cleaning happens to be one of my favorite things to do.  I’m probably one of the rare few who can say that, but, regardless we have to clean.  Next time you go to the grocery store be careful of the cleaning products you pick out.  The chemicals found in today’s products can be very harmful to you and your family.  Choosing Mrs. Meyer’s will save you future harm to your bodies.  Mrs. Meyer’s products are not tested on animals, nor are their products made with animal-derived ingredients.  Products are made from coconut, palm, soy, corn or olive.  Products do not contain ammonia, chlorine, glycol solvents, parabens, phthalates or formaldehyde.  Packaging is recyclable and they use 25% post consumer plastic in their bottles.
Mrs. Meyer’s has the following scents: Lavender, Lemon, Verbena, Basil, Geranium
You can purchase the products from Whole Foods, Lazy Acres, Tri-County and World Market.
PS I LOVE the basil scent.


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