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the neshama project

I don’t know Rachelle Tratt personally, but I admire her from afar through her beautiful Instagram,  blog, and of course her beautiful hamsa necklaces.  She’s on a spiritual journey that captivates you through her story and pictures, and how peaceful and serene her life is.  She started The Neshama Project, the mission is to have a hamsa as a support, to the people and organizations making a difference in the world today, and making the world a happier, brighter place.  I’m only giving you a synopsis of her story, which sounds similar to mine in many ways, and many I know.  Head over to her website to read more, and check out her beautiful necklaces.  Oh, and every purchase made from the The Neshama Project, they will donate towards your choice of Innovation Africa or Zeno Mountain Farm.It’s people like Rachelle that make the world a happier, better place.

Here is a little video of Rachelle.  She is a gem.
Vault- The Neshama Project from VAULT on Vimeo.






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Weekend Shenanigans

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We were busy, good busy.  The mister was working all weekend, but I was playing.  the weather was gorgeous.  I got to celebrate a friend’s birthday, attend a tea and crumpet gathering,  a fabulous dinner at this place, and go to the beach.

This was my first time going to a tea and crumpet party.  Crumpets, which are a mix between a pancake and an english muffin, are pretty darn good.  If you’d like to try them, you can purchase already made ones, at trader Joe’s.  They’re pretty much a carb overload, but, who doesn’t love that!  I was also part of a very special celebration this weekend, for a very special lady.  So proud of you, Stephanie.  Then Sunday rolled around, and it was time to hit the beach for a little r&r.  So we gathered some folks together and made a fun day out of it.  Thanks, friends.

I feel so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people, today.  Who knew life could be this good!


photo 2

tea and crumpets 006

tea and crumpets 005

tea and crumpets 029

tea and crumpets 021

photo 3

photo 7

photo 1



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Weekend Fun!

This weekend we celebrated the 8th birthday of a dear friend. She celebrated eight years of being happy, joyous and free. Such a neat experience to watch someone grow into something so spiritual. Who ever knew that believing in a Higher Power, would lead to such a satisfying life. God is good! The day was perfect. The weather was gorgeous, and the company was fun!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



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What Life Is Really About…

  I came to the realization the other day, that not only am I truly blessed to live where I do and to be married to my best friend, but I am very grateful for the life God has planted for me. Some days I take everything for granted, especially when life is sailing along. It wasn’t easy getting to this point, but I feel I am finally making a breakthrough in my Spiritual life. I’m becoming stronger and stronger everyday and able to accept people, places and things, for exactly how they are presented to me.

God is good, and I must never forget that!




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Happy Feet


Barefoot Living:

I have this weird thing about feet. I always feel better when I’m barefoot. I feel more connected to nature, and to the world in general. Strange to some, probably.

Shoes, yes support your ankles or toes but they also restrict the natural range of motion, which means over time your ankles and feet will get progressively weaker. Your feet will become less independent and not be able to protect themselves from injury, and more dependant on the shoes to prevent a sprained ankle or any other foot injury.

Also, you have to remember shoes are tested on machines not people, because machines give the results the company wants and people don’t.

Going natural is best. There’s nothing like walking on sand or grass in your bare feet. Seriously, the more you can enjoy nature, the better for your well-being.

Happy Feet!!!




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Journaling For The Soul

I have never been one to journal, until now. It excites me a bit to think I can spill all of my silly and delusional thoughts onto paper instead of them blocking my awareness of life.

Journal writing is a powerful tool for therapy, an excellent method for self-examination and reflection especially for spiritual direction or development of self-esteem and better self-image. Journal writing allows for sharper clearer memories and for a new sense of direction and purpose.

My reason for starting, is the spiritual growth. To make myself more aware and present. It goes towards an old idea that living the unexamined life may not be living at all. It is far better to be aware and growing.

Happy journaling!



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Silencing Your Mind

 Stress is emotional and physical strain in response to pressure from the outside world.  Any negative situation that causes you to make rapid adjustment, such as arguing with your partner, your child or a friend, will cause stress, as well as positive events, such as moving to a new house, changing jobs or just life in general. 
When you are under stress, your body reacts with the fight-or-flight response, your heart rate increases, your blood pressure rises and your breathing can become shallow and rapid.  Stress can make you eat and drink too much, and can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, muscle pain and skin rashes.  The list is endless.
The way to bring down your stress levels is to learn to relax and an easy way to do that is to take fifteen to twenty minutes out of your day to decompress: to control your breathing, relax your muscles and focus your mind.  In other words, meditate.
Meditation can lower your blood pressure, improve your sleep, reduce chronic pain, calm your mind and leave you mentally alert, with increased energy.
There are many different meditation techniques and it is a matter of finding one that is good for you.  The following is a little something to get you started.  Many people have a hard time with sitting still for fifteen to twenty minutes, so start with five.

1. Find a quiet place to sit, where you won’t be interrupted for the amount of time you start with.
2. Pick a simple word that helps you relax. Select peace, free, quiet, love or any other word that inspires you to let go.
3. Rest your hands on your lap, close your eyes  and consciously relax your jaw and other muscles that you notice are tight.
4. Silently repeat your word and keep repeating it.  You may notice that your mind drifts off to work, events, family, people and other parts of your life.  When you notice those thoughts, just acknowledge them, gently let them go and softly return to your word again.  It’s ok if you have many thoughts and spend little time on your word.  Just keep bringing yourself back to your word.
5. After your time is done, open your eyes.  Take a few minutes to bring yourself back into the present moment by becoming aware of your body and how it feels and the sounds around you.  When you are ready, continue with your day, refreshed and revitalized.
Happy practicing.




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Earth Day 2012

“Mobilize” was the theme of this years Earth Day. This year marks the 42nd year Santa Barbara has held an Earth Day festival.

Santa Barbara created one of the first Earth Day festivals in the nation, back in 1970. This year’s festival was divided into seven earth-friendly sections: featuring a kid’s corner, an eco marketplace, and even a beer and wine garden. Another section was the bike zone, where bikers had a place to park their bikes. The green car show, which featured 50 of the latest earth-friendly cars. The last section was a learning section for being more energy-efficient. Using reuseable bags, getting LED light bulbs or even using a water filtration system instead of water bottles.

My husband and I went on Saturday and cruised around, enjoyed some music and bought a couple of items to support the locals. I decided to go back on Sunday with our friends. The vibe is so great at festivals, especially Earth Day, that I wanted to soak up as much time at the park that I could. I posted some pictures below of the super-earthy day.





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Earth Day

The Beginning of Earth Day

Earth day founder Gaylord Nelson supposedly started the day after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara.  As a result, on the 22nd of April, 20 million Americans took to the streets and parks to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment. 
Come out and join us for some environmentally good, clean fun!
Alameda Park, Santa Barbara
Saturday 11AM-7PM Sunday 11AM-6PM



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