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Hello! I feel like I have been absent from this space lately.  We have been very busy with Love Threads, and of course with the arrival of our little girl right around the corner.  My good girlfriend is throwing us a shower in a couple weeks, and then it will be time to welcome the biggest joy of our lives.  SO EXCITING!

In the meantime here are some fun links to check out…

The 25 best basics to wear this Spring.

Is conscious uncoupling an excuse to give up? Please don’t be the new fad.

Why I stopped late night drinking and started early morning meditation.

Quinoa burrito bowls.

Gauze and lace tank.

The perfect striped dress.

Very cool light fixtures, on Etsy.

Adorable headbands for your littles.

The perfect sheet for your babies crib.

Leggings leggings and more leggings.




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midweek links


Yay, It’s Wednesday!  We are having an extra good week over here so far.  How about you? Next week I’m going home to see my friends and family, and couldn’t be more excited!  These are the girls who know me through and through and love me unconditionally, what more could you ask for.  Not only that, but it’s HOME! I get to see my mom and dad, who have been traveling for the last month in Asia, and I have hardly been able to talk to them.  Lots and lots of good stuff!

Here are some fun links to occupy you for the rest of the day, or week…Ha!

10 date night meals to make at home.

Everyone has a coworker like this.

10 steps to manifest abundance.

Embroidered top, with distressed jeans.

We registered for this.  Anyone have one?, and want to explain to my husband why it’s the best! Ha!

I recently purchased the Aztec Healing Clay, and it really is the best stuff out there.  I’ve tried lots, and this wins! Even the hubby tried it with me and loved it!

I love this series going on over at Small Fry, and the giveaways are so good too!

Apple dumpling monkey bread.

This is for all of you poor people stuck with that cold weather.  Creamy parmesan white bean stew.

You have to check out these house plant cupcakes.

If you are an animal lover, you must check this Etsy shop out.

Funky bohemian pant. We all need a pair.





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midweek links


Happy Wednesday!  This week is going VERY slow for me, how about you?  I guess I’ll try to make the best of it.  I’m going back to my hometown soon for a baby shower, and I couldn’t be more excited! Then we have a nice, big shower here in Santa Barbara when I get back.  Things are getting closer and closer, and, well, it’s all very exciting!!!

Remember…Valentine’s Day is this Friday!  Here is a little help if you need it.

And last but not least, some midweek links to check out, if you’d like…

Orange juice is not a health drink.

Bad choice of words from the AOL CEO.

The perfect slouchy tee.

We registered for this dreamy blanket.  I love it!

This is my next read.  I’ve heard wonderful things about it, have you?

I just found this Etsy shop, and I love her things.

Stylish burp cloths.

9 ways to help kids develop a healthy relationship with food.

15 essential truths for a beautiful life. I like #2.  To be honest, they’re all really good reminders.

A perspective on time.

6 winter salads. yum!

The toast craze.  We love avocado toast in our house.





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midweek links

blood oranges

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is having a swell week.  Our baby furniture has started to arrive, very exciting!  My husband is a champ putting these things together.  I gave up after one bolt.  Can they just come assembled, or is that asking for too much? Probably.  It’s all for our little lady though,  so we don’t mind.

ps my latest obsession…blood oranges.

Here are some fun links from around the web to check out…

Scratch-off greeting cards.  Genius.

What it’s like to hang out with Tina Fey and Jerry Seinfeld.

gummy bear cookies, yes please!

The truth behind Instagram.  I love it!

Why not show a little California love.

The search for absolute silence.

I was just introduced to this mommy blog via a friend, and I love it!

A wonderfully written article about addiction.

A little Valentine love.

The truth about olive oil.

German poppyseed crumble cake. Yum!

Healthy homemade granola bars.

This soup looks amazing!

Friday I will be putting up a Valentine’s gift guide for her and for him.  So check back if you need a few gift ideas.






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midweek links


Happy midweek! Hope everyone is finally seeing some warmer weather.  We are off to Big Bear, CA for the rest of the week and weekend.  Getting away with some good friends, and hoping to see a little SNOW!

Here are some fun links from around the web…

I just finished this book.  It was such an easy read, and super juicy gossip on some legendary rock stars.

The f-word: 10 facts you don’t know.

One of these bags is on my wishlist.  The story behind the women that make them, is even more amazing then the bag itself.

5 mantras for the new year.

Hilarious preschool application form.

Homemade english muffins.

Have you ever tried Aztec healing clay? I just bought some, and I’m excited to try it.  I’ve heard it works miracles on your skin.

A simple, perfect, black maxi dress.

A very cool Etsy shop.

I’ve been pinning away lately.  Are you on Pinterest? Share your username, below.

5 beauty teas for glowing skin.

10 pantry basics for a cleaner diet.  We love Justin’s!

2 minute breathing.  Perfect for the person who is always on the go.



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midweek links


Is it really Wednesday already?!  We had our 3-D ultrasound this week. Unfortunately, our little lady is a bit stubborn (I wonder who she gets that from), and didn’t want to show her pretty little face.  She gave us a good foot, arm, and butt shot. That’ll work, I guess.  She really knows how to keep her mommy and daddy in suspense.

Anyway, on that note, here are some fun links to check out from around the web….

The scoop on parenthood, according to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Kids crack me up.  I can’t wait for our little lady to get here.

This bohemian print maxi, is definitely a score.

Are you a type A? I may or may not be. Ha!

Pear and hazelnut muffins.

10 small, fun projects for your day off.

I love this shop and all of her quilts. Especially this one.

The cutest ceramic bowl.

Supposedly, the Dutch eat better than everyone else in the world.

These have to be some of the cutest headbands for adults.

The perfect little dainty bracelet.

Does anyone else have an obsession with straws.  You know, the pretty ones.






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midweek links


Happy Wednesday!  I hope everyone is having a lovely week.  I almost hate to share this, but our weather has been so warm here.  I guess I should never complain about not having seasons, especially when I feel like everywhere else around the country is freezing.   Here is to hoping it warms up for you.

While you may be cooped up in your home, here are some fun links for you to check out…

The ab workout you’ll stick with this year.

If you like deals, check out this new site.  I love it!

26 items every woman needs in her wardrobe.

Loving this Etsy shop for paper goods.

I love this honest share about c-sections.

A simple bread recipe.

Might I suggest this doll house for your stay in Paris.

Surviving anxiety.

The best time to drink coffee, according to science.

Top diets of 2014.

We would love it if you liked our Facebook page. Weekly updates!

And lastly, we have been juicing up a storm over here.  We bought this one, and it’s even easy to clean up.





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midweek links


Happy midweek!  Hope everyone has recovered from the holidays.  It’s anything but winter here in Santa Barbara.  I do like a little seasonal change, but I’m also not going to complain that we were able to go to the beach this past week.  Our trip to Big Bear is coming up, and I am a bit excited to see some snow! That will be our little winter.

Try to have a great rest of the week and even though statistics say this is the hardest time of year for people, try to remember we’re just that much closer to spring!

Here are a few links for you to check out…

21 basics to wear in the New Year.

I love this new series that Dani is doing on her blog, sometimes sweet.

James, from Bleubird has a new look on her blog. I like it, very clean.

Spring is arriving at Love Threads. Here is one of my favorites.

Healthy food swaps for 2014.

Etsy love; this bag, this vintage rolling cart, aka bar cart, and this throw blanket.

5 minute mug cakes.

Mapping emotions on the body.

The time Harvard and Yale took naked pictures of all their freshman students.

4 ideas for overnight oatmeal.

The perfect little black dress.








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weekend links


I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  We sure did.  Now it’s time to start taking down the decor.  I never like doing that.

Things have been quiet over here because we had family in town.  I thought instead of posting the normal midweek links I would do weekend links.  More time to check everything out anyways, right?!

ps..I love this quote above.  I truly am thankful for my life, even though, sometimes I do make mistakes.

Here are some things that you may be interested in…

Why men fear small babies.

A vacation rental website for families.

The most googled diet of 2013.

Hold the bikram, are there any real health benefits to sweating?

The perfect light-weight cardigan.

I’m loving this beautiful lace top, and the price!

10 smart tips to becoming a better grocery shopper.

What’s the deal with butter in coffee?

These beautiful photos will break your heart.

Salted chocolate tart with kettle chip crust.  Uh, yes please!

I love this Etsy shop, and especially this mug.




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midweek links


Happy midweek!  Christmas is only 7 days away. Yay!  We are scurrying around to get some last minute shopping done. Also, this weekend we will be baking up a storm, making lots of holiday cookies.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. It may get a little quiet around here, as we are having family in town for Christmas.  I love this time of year!

Until then, here are some links for you to check out…

The best holiday beauty gift sets.

13 things mentally strong people avoid.

3 signs you are too creative for 9-5 job.

The most expensive leggings that people work out in.  This baffles me.

Love threads is having a big sale on lots of their items.  I love this piece.

Did you see the gorgeous Casey Wiegand wearing our funky bohemian pant?!

Gift wrapping: color block presents.

Printable letter to santa.

The perfect little stocking stuffer for your little one.

And finally, we are planning on a big trip after the baby is born, this is where I’m thinking.  Looks amazing!



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