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Paddle Sports Center

We are so excited to showcase one of our favorite local businesses with you. Paddle Sports Center offers rentals, memberships, camps, lessons, and tours for visitors and local residents. Located in the Santa Barbara Harbor, it is a three-minute walk from shop to sea. The Paddle Sports Center has been Santa Barbara’s premier kayak, SUP, surf rental center for over 25 years!

Fraser Kersey, Co-Founder, and General Manager oversees a dedicated staff, who are some of the most experienced water-men and mermaids around. With locations in the Santa Barbara Harbor, Goleta Beach Park, and Ledbetter Beach, access to some of the most beautiful views anywhere in the world, are yours to experience.

Paddle Sports Center Co-Founders conceived of the paddling membership, designed and implemented in 2010.  They have a program that has you the paddler in mind.  Paddle during your lunch break, before/after work, or on the weekend.  This is your alternative to the gym, it is your outdoor fitness center.  Just think, instead of lines to get on treadmills, you have dolphins & whales swimming alongside you! This photo (courtesy of Channel Island Outfitters and PSC) gives you a peek at where you can find yourself anytime you wish.

Everything you need is at your fingertips. Come to see the American Riviera on a once in a lifetime adventure or a daily inspiration. Paddle Sports Center has everything you need to get in the water.





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We took a well-deserved vacay to the beautiful California desert. One hundred and seven degrees felt really good in this cool pool located right outside our door. We stayed at La Quinta Resort and Club. This property is incredible, forty-one pools set amid lush grounds, with cozy fireplaces, secluded patios, and yards – many enhanced with poolside locations.

This little pool jumper, up at six o’clock and ready to go kept us on our feet and in the water for our entire stay. We picked up this cute floaty from Stearns at Target.

This hardworking momma deserved pampering at Spa La Quinta. A 50 min – Swedish Massage is a perfect way to chill and relax your mind and body. The refreshing scents of cucumber and melon throughout the full body massage, treatment was concluded with a chilled eye compress. Love Threads, Eleanor, and everything else life throws us is a twenty – four seven job. It was nice to rejuvenate and recharge.

Squinting from the desert sun, Eleanor visited Joshua Tree National Park for the first time.  Two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and Colorado, come together in Joshua Tree National Park. A fascinating variety of plants and animals make their homes in a land sculpted by strong winds and occasional torrents of rain. Dark night skies, a rich cultural history, and surreal geologic features add to the wonder of this vast wilderness.




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I am so excited to announce that I will be a contributing member of the team. My excitement comes from finally making the decision, and following through with the action, to invest my time and effort into the dream we envisioned when Good News Santa Barbara initially launched in 2014.

Our mission is to provide a space where we can share who and what inspires us as parents, partners, and individuals.

Please reach out to us, leave comments, contact us personally with anything that intrigues and inspires you.

Here are a few pics from our day on Stearns Wharf. We enjoyed a great lunch at Long Boards Grill.


A couple of happy campers

A unique and interesting attraction on the wharf is the Ty Warner Sea Center.

The Harbor Restaurant and Santa Barbara Shellfish Company are great dining experiences.

Eleanor is on her way to lil’ ninjas, karate for kids class at Martial Arts Family Fitness. We love the fun, learning atmosphere.

In the year we’ve attended we have observed Eleanor build a strong body, a disciplined mind, and a resilient spirit. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and an Indomitable Spirit are the school tenets.

Your first class is free.

Check them out!












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beauty // pursoma

pursoma3 newpursoma4 newHappy Friday! Next up, for our all natural beauty series is, Pursoma. Everything about this company says perfect! Their beauty products detoxify, rejuvenate, and soothe the body, from the inside out. We were lucky to try the ocean potion bath, which is made to detoxify the body with the sea’s restorative minerals, stimulate circulation with sea salt, and eliminate toxins on a cellular level. WOW! is all we can say. It was absolutely amazing! Leaving our skin feeling wonderful. The other product we were lucky to try was the earth bound body mask

We had the chance to have a Q&A with CEO and owner, Shannon Vaughn, what a beauty…

1) What led you to start your business?

Pursoma was created because I faced a health crisis which I was confident was a result of environmental toxicity. Extremely stressful situations in my life; poor nutrition in my daily diet; and toxic hormonal disruptors in my beauty and skin care regime left me unwell. Unhappy with the prospects offered by traditional medicine, I engaged in holistic therapies guided by a nutritionist and homeopathic doctor that emphasized detox and rejuvenation.  Following my recovery, I worked closely with a nutritionist and biochemist to formulate potent, effective detox treatments that left me feeling vibrant and alive and gave me a sense of internal peace.  It was this process of “soma”, or transition, to wellness, along with the understanding I gained about what it meant to be truly healthy, that inspired me to want to spread this message to others and share the tools to achieve similar results.  Thus, Pursoma was born.

2) How do you incorporate a holistic lifestyle into your daily life?

I try to be conscious daily of what I consume, especially if I am on the go because then I have to be more focused about it. When I am at home I have developed a very healthy routine and I stick to that. Obviously there are times when things need to be adjusted, for instance I am pregnant now and felt the need to eat animal products because my body wanted them. But usually I make it very simple for myself and I look at a meal or menu or food item and say, can I see the origin of the food? Is it a whole food? And I try to eat as simply as possible.

3) Favorite items you can’t live without?

There is nothing I can’t live without. I have lived in so many different countries and environments around the world at various stages of my life, that I have learned that I can always adapt. But if I had to list a few essentials that feel really important to me

1. Lemon water in the morning followed by a super high quality green tea.

2. Pursoma Floral Defense which is a homeopathic remedy for living well in today’s modern world (not released yet, coming soon!!!!)

3. A really good body oil. I love body oil and apply it after shower and before bed to keep my skin hydrated, usually it’s unscented.

4) What does your daily routine look like?

In the morning, I have the juice of one lemon in 12-16 ounces warm water, then I have green tea or very little decaf coffee with coconut milk.  Next, before or after exercise, I have a fresh green juice that I make at home or that I get from a local juice store (fresh, rather than cold pressed. I like cold pressed juices for a cleanse but prefer to have the fiber from a fresh juice on a daily basis.) I also alternate at home between juice and a blended green drink. I exercise (either cycle indoors at home or go outdoors on my bike, depending on the weather). I work a lot so I make sure to drink at least 3 liters of water per day and I eat quite regularly even between meals, but always super healthy. I hate to wait till 8:00 pm for dinner, I find I feel much better if I eat earlier and don’t eat much at night.

5)We love the idea of the digital detox! What is your idea of the perfect digital detox?

I unplug daily, but when I do it for longer time periods, I get all my work done so that I feel relaxed when I totally disconnect.  I usually do this when I spend time at my farm because there is a terrible internet connection there (a good thing) and once I am outdoors it feels intuitive to me to not be connected to an electronic gadget; out there, technology just instinctively feels out of place, like being totally overdressed for a casual party.

6) Where do you see you and your company in 5 years?

I would like to see it reaching a much more mass market and communicating a clear message that we live in a fast paced world and we need to take time to detox and reboot. I want women and young girls to know how to protect themselves against urban toxicity, and offering tools to do that. I want to create a medication platform that can be accessible and attainable to all without it feeling like you need a particular company to teach you how to do it. By offering consumers products that combat environmental stressors and by providing helpful educational information about diet and wellness, we can encourage them to stay balanced and well in their lives. I want my customers to understand and FEEL that there is a new norm for what it really means to be healthy, both physically and mentally.

pursoma2 new




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remaining grateful


Sometimes in life you have to take a step back, and pause…

I often get so caught up in life, that I forget to take time to remember the small things that I should remain/be grateful for.  It’s so easy to go about your day by day activities, and get completely absorbed in miniscule distractions.

Today, I have to change my thinking so my mind stays focused and my head doesn’t spin.  Today, I have to self-care and get healthy.  Today, I have to live life to the fullest.

I’m grateful for the beautiful ocean I live by.

I’m grateful for the roof over my head.

I’m grateful for my loving and supporting husband.

I’m grateful for my loving family and friends.

I’m grateful for red lipstick.

I’m grateful for records, and how happy music makes me.

I’m grateful to be alive and breathing.

Remember, don’t take each day for granted, take it as a gift.

Be grateful!


“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.”
―  Maya Angelou

I love these pictures of such an inspiring soul.  Chloe has a very similar past as mine, and has found a life full of happiness and spirituality.  She is such an inspiration.

On another note these guys make me smile…


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the neshama project

I don’t know Rachelle Tratt personally, but I admire her from afar through her beautiful Instagram,  blog, and of course her beautiful hamsa necklaces.  She’s on a spiritual journey that captivates you through her story and pictures, and how peaceful and serene her life is.  She started The Neshama Project, the mission is to have a hamsa as a support, to the people and organizations making a difference in the world today, and making the world a happier, brighter place.  I’m only giving you a synopsis of her story, which sounds similar to mine in many ways, and many I know.  Head over to her website to read more, and check out her beautiful necklaces.  Oh, and every purchase made from the The Neshama Project, they will donate towards your choice of Innovation Africa or Zeno Mountain Farm.It’s people like Rachelle that make the world a happier, better place.

Here is a little video of Rachelle.  She is a gem.
Vault- The Neshama Project from VAULT on Vimeo.





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It’s A Whole Different Cup Of Tea

 I don’t even know if the title of this post makes sense, but whatever. So, I hope everyone had a fun, productive weekend. I did nada, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I find that my weekends are more for myself, my home and my cheesy itune downloads. I ended the last week with having my regular weekly acupuncture appointment, with a bit of cupping thrown in. My girl, Miss Amy, who is amazing, you can find her here, is your person to go to if you live in Santa Barbara. What is really great about Amy, is that she works on a sliding scale, which is huge in SB. I mean I love living in this quaint beach town, but prices are ridiculous, especially for things like this. Amy is fully trained, and very well educated with acupuncture and cupping, along with other holistic healing properties.

If you’ve never had cupping done, try it. I have bad back pain, along with scoliosis, so cupping, which enhances circulation, relieves pain, removes “heat” and pulls toxins from your body’s tissue, really helps. The acupuncture promotes the body’s healing abilities by regulating the flow of Qi, by inserting very fine needles into specific points in the body. It may sound a little painful, but it’s not. Unless your body is tied in a knot, which occasionally happens to this girl. To end the weekend, the husband and I went to our favorite foot massage place, Evan’s Relaxing Station. This place rocks!

Happy Monday Peeps!

Here are some pics from my session. May be sensitive to the eyes. (wink)

Cupping and acupuncture combo is the best.

This is old blood coming to the surface to enhance flow for the new blood.

Looks worse than it feels. Not painful at all.


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Weekend Shenanigans

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We decided to head north and do a little BBQ and r&r in the sun. We drove up to Lake Cachuma and had a little party. The weather was perfect. It did however get a little windy towards the end, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.

The scenery is so peaceful and serene. It really is such a fun activity to do on the weekends or even during the week, if your life permits. $10 to get in, and you have free range of so many different spots to choose from. If you really want to indulge you can even rent one of their yurts or cabins, which is something we are definitely going to do sometime. I love spending time with good friends in such a blissful environment. Good for the soul.

^^being silly with the sunglass reflection^^

^^we didn’t want to leave anyone out^^


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A Whimsical Wednesday

  The other day we decided to head up north about 45 minutes and find the sun. When you live on the coast, some days you get fogged in. But if you go a little higher than sea level you can get above it. And BOOM we found the sun, at 80 degrees. We ventured up the 154 and made a bunch of stops along the way. One of the most peaceful and serene places was Lake Cachuma. Lake Cachuma is surrounded by the Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mountains. You can rent cabins or yurts, right on the lake. AH-MAZING!

Our next step was Trattoria Grappolo. Great Italian place, recommended by a friend and well worth the stop. Last place I expected to find a true Italian restaurant, but it was good and one the owners is actually from Italy.

Last stop was Los Olivos, to finally get my hands on one of Enjoy Cupcakes famous cupcakes. Well….it was a no-go. Finally reaching our destination and seeing her super sweet trailer (which you can see below), we found out they are only there Thursdays-Sundays. Boo.

What A great day, all with my best friend.

Happy Friday!


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The True Alchemist

Lotus Wei was created by Katie Hess through her quest to help people experience more happiness and accelerate personal growth. In her search, she studied many different kinds of natural medicine and discovered flower essences, and the powerful affect they have on emotions, attitudes, and life situations. Realizing the power of this significant agent of change, she trained internationally with a top flower essence practitioner, and was soon combining remedies for people. At this time she also met several meditation masters from the Far East and committed herself to daily meditation practice, which deepened her understanding of nature, flower essences and life in general. Katie decided to create a line of elixirs consisting of combinations of several flower essences, all organic.

I have tried Joy Juice, Infinite Love and Quiet Mind. I love them all! You may use the elixirs as perfume, toner or even on your pillow at night. (Quiet Mind is great for that)

Lotus Wei is nourishing for the mind, body and soul.



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