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cocoa beach



Another stop on our journey through the sunshine state, brings us to Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Dave and I had lunch a cool place called Simply Delicious.  Everything at Simply Delicious is homemade, including the bread.  We tried hard to resist the homemade cookies, but eventually broke down and had one.  Our next stop in Cocoa Beach took us to the legendary, Ron Jon Surf Shop.  This place is wall to wall gear.  My husband was in heaven.  I kind of was too.  We purchased some fun stuff for us and for friends.  Our last stop in Cocoa Beach was “the beach”.  The beaches here in Florida are so white, with the prettiest color of blue/green ocean.

We really like you, Florida!

Have a great weekend, everyone!





cocoa12^^^Clearly you can see where we spent most of our time while in Cocoa Beach^^^




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mel fisher’s treasure museum


mf10^^^One of the treasures found on the dive.^^^

The other day we went on a little adventure to find Mel Fisher’s treasure museum.  Mel Fisher was a master diver, who opened the first dive shop in Redondo Beach, California.  He set out, with his wife, for one year to search for treasure.  He began his adventure by diving off the Florida coast.  In 1985 he discovered on a dive, the Atocha, which sank in 1622 on its way back to Spain.  The Atocha was one of 28 ships in the fleet, carrying the Queen of Spain’s bounty.  The emerald’s found on the dive, from the Atocha, are some of the world’s finest quality.  There were also millions of dollars worth of silver and gold coins, and bars.   He also found the treasures from the ship Santa Margarita, on another dive.

Mel always said on rising, “today is the day.”  And it sure was in 1985, when he hit the “motherload”.

I Hope everyone had a great Labor day!


mf8^^^Just a few of the emeralds that were found.^^^


mf9^^^5lb gold bar that was found on the dive, from the Atocha^^^






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Melbourne Beach, florida

mb12^^^The beaches here are absolutely beautiful^^^



Hello!  We are in Melbourne Beach, Florida.  Melbourne Beach, is one of the oldest beaches in Florida.  We are loving it! Everyone is so friendly, and the weather has been beautiful, hot, but beautiful.  The ocean and the sand color are so different from our beach in Santa Barbara.  The ocean is very green, with a touch of blue, and the sand is white.

I was here for one week before the hubby came down to meet me, and now that he is here, we have been exploring everywhere and everything.  One of the things that I love about Dave, is that he is so adventurous, and gets me out to be more adventurous.  Melbourne and Melbourne Beach are both very small communities, and tight communities, where everyone seems to know each other.  I like that.  Also, very clean, I like that even more.  We’ve had some great food, good laughs, and have met some amazing people.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

mb9^^^We’re happy to be here!^^^



mb15^^^Capturing the beauty^^^

mb7^^^Downtown Melbourne, is an old, vintage part of town, with lots of history^^^




mb3^^^We of course, found some yummy food^^^


mb1^^^This place was by far my favorite.  The people that work here have the best energy and could not be any nicer^^^


mb10^^^He was thanking God for this amazing opportunity, and is so happy to be here^^^





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Olvera Street

olvera pic4

The other day my mom and I visited Olvera street.  Olvera street is in the oldest part of downtown Los Angeles.  They have lots of authentic Mexican food, festivities, and clothing.  We did a little shopping and enjoyed some yummy enchiladas and tamales.  I haven’t been there since I was a little girl, so it was fun to go back and visit.  I love LA for all of its little nooks and crannies, they are like little hidden gems.  If you get a chance to go, you should, it’s a piece of California history that is pretty amazing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

olvera pic^^^Some really good authentic Mexican food^^^

olvera pic6

olvera pic7

olvera pic1

olvera pic3

olvera pic2

olvera pic9

olvera pic8

olvera pic10




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We’ve been on some adventures over here lately.  My mom is in town, and we pretty much haven’t stopped once.  Hubby has been working, as usual, and we have been cruising up and down the coast, and through the mountains.  The other day we decided to go to Ojai.  I love that place!  So did she.  I’ve been wanting to check out the Ojai Rancho Inn.  The place reminds me of something country/Indie, if you can only imagine.  That combination is right up my alley, and I’m looking forward to staying there, soon.  We also had lunch at one of my favorite spots, The Farmer and The Cook, which is an all organic farm-cafe marketplace.  If you’re ever in the area, stop by and at least try their smoothies, they are amazing!

Things may get a little slow around here in the coming months.  Our family has some fun, interesting projects we are working on, that are keeping us very busy.

Also, this month we are a sponsor over on Dani’s blog.  If you are a mom or mom-to-be, you should really check out her blog.  She gives lots of inspiring info and tips.

Hope you all had a great weekend!








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lost pictures from mexico


I came across these beautiful photos from Mexico, that my husband snapped while we were there, a while back.  I don’t know how they got lost, but now they’re found.  I miss this place.    A place where your everyday life is easy and simple, and smiling faces is all you see.  You read, eat and sleep, and that’s about it.  I like that life.   I like simple.   I like smiling faces.  Some days I wish I could close my eyes, say “poof”, and I’m back there.  But for now we have these amazing pictures to look at, and DREAM!










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The Last Of Mexico (I Promise)

 This is the last of our Mexico pictures. My parents are still down there, and I wish we were too. What a wonderful break it was, in the midst of complete chaos. Thanks to everyone who sent good vibes our way and PLEASE keep them coming.
Happy Monday!

More pics here, here, and here.



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Back To The Grind

So sad our vacation is over…

Back to work we go. It has been a bit chilly in Santa Barbara these last few days home. Brrr! 

We had such a great time with the folks. We could not ask for better parents, on both sides. We laid out, read books, and ate some amazing meals. Now, back to reality.

On a side note…please keep the mister and I in your prayers, as we are about to endeavor on a few new challenges. We know God will have our backs, but a little extra prayer never hurts.




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Up Up And Away!

We are still in Mexico, and enjoying every moment of it. The husband decided to go parasailing the other day, and I about freaked out. I asked him if all of our life insurance was up to date. (half kidding, half not). It was pretty spectacular to watch him fly. I stayed on the ground and watched.

I also snapped a few pictures of the locals, who never cease to amaze me. Always so happy and joyful. (maybe it’s the cerveza). And the water, who could ever say that they don’t like the ocean, the sound, the feel, the beauty, I love it all! I also love tacos.

ps, husband took a camera up in the sky with him, so the aerial views are amazing. And I snuck a quick photo of mom and dad.



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When Life Is About To Get Busy, Run Off To Mexico.

We decided to run off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a week. The husband and I have a jam packed schedule in the coming months. Our life is so full right now, I didn’t even know it could get this good. So, before all the craziness happens we needed a little r&r. By the way, someone told me to try the coca cola down here, even though I don’t drink soda, and I did, and it was exceptionally good. Must be the syrup. I don’t know, just try it if you get here.




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