Celebrating summer solstice

solstice 036

We celebrated summer solstice last weekend.  Santa Barbara becomes a huge playground during this time of year.  lots of people travel to SB for the solstice parade and parties.  Unfortunately, this year I wasn’t feeling the best.  All weekend I had an upset tummy.  Boo.  However, I did manage to take a few photos at the park, because I also skipped the parade (I know I’m sounding really lame now) so no photos from the parade, which is really the best part.  It was nice to hang out with some girlfriends and relax.  Of course, the hubby was working.  Shocker.

FYI: Tomorrow we will start a giveaway on here, so make sure to check back…

solstice 030

solstice 038^^^It was fun to see everyone all decked out^^^

solstice 013

solstice 016

solstice 024^^^pretty girls^^^

solstice 010^^^I love all of the long dresses and skirts^^^

solstice 009



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