Cheesesteak Sandwiches

 Ever since I was little, I have always loved cheese-steak sandwiches.  When we were younger we spent our summers at the Jersey shore, where my dad was from.  We would go to the Seaside Heights boardwalk and get cheese-steak sandwiches.  They were yummy and super unhealthy.  Whenever I think of the Jersey shore, I think of cheese-steak sandwiches and fries with vinegar on them.  I don’t even know how the conversation about all of this came up with my husband, but it did.  He said “I know the place to go, down in Ventura, they have the best”.  So we decided to take a drive down, which is a good 35 minutes form Santa Barbara, and test this joint out.  Oh my!  It was phenomenal.  Greasy, stuff falling out everywhere, cheesy, basically da bomb!  I took pictures, especially for my dad to see, because he is a cheese-steak fan too.  I must say when we pulled up to this little shack, I questioned my husband.  He reassured my “trust me, they’re the best”.  They were.  We reminded ourselves after finishing, that we definitely cannot do that every month, more like every other month.  Ha!

Go try The Great Central Steak and Hoagie Company, you will not be disappointed!


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