Coconut-Oat Macaroons

 Coconut has many health benefits.  Coconut can help prevent obesity, improve your heart, high in dietary fiber, low glycemic, reduces sweet cravings, improves digestion and is a quick energy boost.
In addition, coconut contains NO trans fat, is gluten-free, non toxic, and hypoallergenic. 
I decided to make some macaroons and wanted them to be very healthy.  To cut the fat in half, I used half coconut and half oats.  Following is the recipe I used.

Coconut-Oat Macaroons
10 egg whites
2 cups shredded coconut
2 cups quick-cooking oats
1 tbsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup sugar (I used a little less)
1/2 tsp salt

Heat oven to 350.  Spray baking sheet with Pam and set aside.
Stir in egg whites, coconut, oats, vanilla, sugar, and salt in a bowl until well blended.
Drop tablespoons of mixture on to baking sheets, half inch apart.  Bake macaroons until light golden, 12 to 15 minutes.  Transfer to a rack and cool.



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