Earth Day 2013 Weekend






This weekend was so much fun! I got to spend some time with good friends, minus my husband, because of course he was working. I must say a hard-working man, is definitely an attractive man. Ha! The park right by our house had a huge earth day celebration, so we walked up there, threw a couple blankets down, grabbed some super unhealthy food, and listened to some jams. Oh, and I almost forgot, the weather was perfect! The earth day festival always makes for some really good people watching. I love seeing all of the free spirits and their wardrobe picks for the day, it was awesome!

Sunday was spent with the husband. I finally had him all to myself, and that was all I really wanted the whole weekend. Changes are always good, but at the same time, they take time to get used to. We have so many changes coming up in our future that the best thing is to turn everything over to a power greater than ourselves, and know that everything will be just fine.
Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!





















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