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Some of you may not know my background, but for 12 years I owned and operated an upscale women’s clothing boutique. It was my love and passion for so long, it was all I knew.  I never thought about marriage or a family, because my store was my marriage and my family.  After twelve hard, fun, frazzled, satisfying years, I sold my store packed up and moved to southern California.  I needed to rest.  I had put in long hours and I was “tired”.

On my drive from Omaha, Nebraska to Santa Barbara, California, I thought long and hard about what I wanted my next step in life to be.  I felt I had accomplished a lot for only being 32, but I also knew something was  missing.  I remember when I was 20 and everyone was going out all of the time, I was always working, but that’s where I wanted to be.  My twenties were a blur.  I worked and worked and worked some more.  I played hard on the weekends and continued to work.  It’s what I knew how to do best.  But I grew tired, and wanted a break.  So on a May morning, I packed my car, and started my journey half way across the country to California.  I remember the morning so vividly, I had the feeling that a huge “something” had been lifted off of my shoulders (a bittersweet moment, for sure).  I remember playing my music as loud as I could, with all of my windows rolled down, driving  for miles.  On my drive I realized, maybe in Utah, that I really did want to get married and settle down, and just maybe, have some children.

(obviously there are a lot of little details I spared you from.  Boring).

I arrived in Cali, and soon afterwards, met who would be my future husband.  We were just friends, no seriously, we were. Then the friendship blossomed into a beautiful relationship, then we got married.  And yes, it pretty much happened that fast.  I was experiencing a part of life I never even knew existed.  I was in pure bliss! I didn’t work for a while, then picked up a pretty good job, which to this day I’m thankful for, but it never really gave me the challenge or let me use my creative outlet.  I missed my store, and missed the creative energy it gave me.

And this is where the news starts:  after much thought and pondering I have decided to launch an online women’s clothing boutique, called Love Threads.  The web address is www.shoplovethreads.com.  The shop will carry reasonably priced clothing for any age woman.  I hope you all enjoy what you see and we will continue to add new items daily.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog from the beginning.  I never thought I’d have anyone more than a couple readers, aka family members, and it has blossomed into much more.  I love you all!



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2 Responses to exciting news!

  1. Lucy October 1, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    Thank you for some follow-your-heart inspiration! It is so nice to see family hearted women with passion and drive to do their own thing as well. I hope this goes really well for you 🙂

    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

    • Nicole October 3, 2013 at 12:00 am #

      Thank you, Lucy!

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