Fun Friends And Yummy Food.

This past weekend was spent with good friends and yummy food. I thought we had a holiday party on Friday night, until I decided to check the invite, and it’s actually this Monday night. (serious ding-bat move). So I double checked the one for Saturday night, and it was indeed on Saturday. I made a few yummy things to take and one of them in particular was a hit. So I wanted to share the recipe, along with some of the photos from our festive weekend.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season. We have the folks coming in this week, and we are SO excited!!!

Santa Strawberry Hats

1 16oz skim-ricotta cheese
1/2 cup powdered sugar
3 teaspoons vanilla extract

Mix all together. You may want to sweeten the ricotta more or less, depending on your liking. Then slice the strawberries in the middle. Take the top part (pointy side) off and spread ricotta mix on, then place top back on and dab the top part of the strawberry with ricotta.
That’s it! So easy and so cute.

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