This past week I bought Dave one of his Christmas gifts, a juicer.  Well, it remained a Christmas gift for less than 24 hours, and was opened and put to use immediately. We are both really bad at hanging onto gifts.  My excuse was, he had the sniffles, and really needed to use it before his cold got worse.  He also brought me home a gift and so we opened gifts together.  Kind of like an early Christmas, right?!

I have always loved juicing.  We borrowed a friends a while back to test it out.  We both really enjoyed it.  So I decided to buy Dave (us) one.  I’m no juicing expert, but I do have a few concoctions that work for us.

1 green apple

1 cucumber

3 celery stalks

3 pieces of kale

1 lemon

I also have been having cravings for homemade orange juice, so I’ve been making lots of that.  I just put 5-6 whole oranges through and juice them.  Nothing else.

Another good one is…

2 beets

4 radishes

1 cucumber

handful of parsley

handful of spinach

1 orange

1 apple

You can pretty much juice anything.  You have to find what works for you.  Dave added cilantro to ours the other night, and it was delicious.

Here is the juicer we bought.  Well worth the investment.  I did lots of research and this is the one that I liked for us. There are so many different types, that do different things.  It’s all your personal preference.


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