Lifefactory Bottles

My husband and I are huge advocates of glass.  Main reason is it’s better for you and the environment.  We used to drink out of metal water bottles, but the taste was odd (metal-tasting).  We decided about a year ago to switch and we started using these.  They are called Lifefactory Bottles.  To ensure safety, all of their products are made from materials that are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, polycarbonate, lead and latex. No compromises. Glass offers the best taste, is the safest material to drink from and is built to last a lifetime.  We stand behind this company 100%.  They make baby bottles, and adult bottles.  They have a protective sleeve around them, which is also safe for the environment. 
You can purchase them here or at Whole Foods.
Drink out of glass for your health and for the health of the earth.
PS They come in really fun colors!!!
(Lifefactory did not pay us or give us any product for free)

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