Managing Your Food Breakdown

I recently started getting acupuncture on a weekly basis, again. This time around it’s for fertility (hope and pray). I decided to go to a wonderful woman named, Lori Guynes. If you’re in Santa Barbara, I highly recommend her. Not only is she helping me with fertility, but she is helping me with my diet. Overall I’m a healthy eater, indulging, maybe once a week. What I didn’t know was the order in which I should be eating my food. Lori explained to me that the order of breakdown, of the food we eat is important to our systems. Example: if you’re eating protein, broccoli and corn, you should eat the broccoli first, corn second, and protein last. If you eat your protein first, which is the hardest one for our systems to digest, then the other food sits on top of that and will turn into acid, which in turn can cause indigestion. I found this very informative, especially because I eat everything together and usually have a hard time resisting the protein right off the bat.

I have posted a chart that I was given. It’s worth glancing at, to see what you should be pairing together and in the order to be digested. 


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