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I hope everyone is having a great week!  I have been so tired, I can hardly get the motivation to write any posts. (which is why they have all been pretty generic this week.)  I’m excited that the weather is cooling down, and tomorrow is Halloween. Woo hoo!  We are having a few friends over, to hand out candy, hang out and eat.  I hope y’all have a spooky Halloween!

Everybody: Hands off the baby bump.  This made me laugh.

How to style a corner gallery wall.  I really want to do this in our home.

Why you look like your dog.

How yoga changes your body, starting the day you begin.

The perfect Fall tunic/dress, paired with leggings and boots.

We just won two photos from Violet D’art.  Her work is amazing.  Check it out!

I love the simplicity of this holiday card.

Cheesy breakfast nacho tots.

What your favorite apple says about you.  Mine favorite is honeycrisp.

I love these rock and roll onesies.

If you’re looking for a  funny twist on your holiday cards, check this hilarious Etsy shop out.

Yet another reason to drink coffee.


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