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Happy Wednesday!  Hope everyone is having a great week.  We are on our little adventure, and I hope to do a post very soon on our first stop, Melbourne Beach Florida.

Have a lovely rest of the week.  Here are some fun links to check out!

Living comfortably in 500 square feet.

Comfy pants that are stylish.

Panzanella salad, my new favorite!

Adding a little something to eat with your chicken.

Woody Allen never disappoints.

Anything ayurvedic peaks my interest.

Does anyone else love rugs as much as I do?!

Is this photo worth 10 million?!

Have you ever tried a cronut?

Ballet dancers in random places.

Wind and Willow has some amazing things for your home, your little ones, and your beauty.

Why shampoos are a waste of money.

20 things happy people never do.

This might be the strangest job ever.

I love having a simple black dress like this one in my closet at all times.

If I had a Vespa, I would definitely buy this to wear.

One of my favorite bloggers had her baby.  Congrats Dani!

I love this series James does on her blog, bleubird.  She has the best style.

I’m loving these comfy looking pants, may have to purchase them.






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