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beauty // herbivore botanical

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We are kicking off our beauty series with one of the best companies (in my opinion), on the market right now…

Do you ever come across a line of beauty products and wonder why you haven’t made the plunge to purchase them earlier?! I certainly wondered this when I tried Herbivore Botanicals. Everything about this company raises my vibration. Seriously!

It started with, a few simple emails back and forth with their staff. They are the kindest folks. Then you move on to their extremely sleek, clean, simple packaging. From there, the actual products, are amazing! Amazing, is probably not even doing the line justice. It’s OUT OF THIS WORLD, GOOD!!!

I tried the jasmine oil, which is a hydration for the skin.  It made my skin feel amazing! I applied it as soon as I got out of the shower.  I actually completely replaced it for my lotion.  I also tried the hydrating toner, which restores pH balance and removes all impurities. I’m a sucker for a good toner, and this is definitely on the top of my list. I would wash my face at night and spritz it on afterwards. In the morning I spritzed it on after I applied my makeup, for a fresh and hydrating feeling.

Check out their website, if you get a chance. I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with their products as much as I did.

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a visit to the salt caves

salt cave6

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The other day, Dave and I decided to go have a session in the salt caves.  I got cleared from my doctor, so we decided to go! The salt caves, are made out of 100% pure, pink Himalayan salt.  The ceiling, the floor and the walls are completely covered.  There is also a salt machine that blows fine particles of salt out during your session.  You lay back in a chair, listen to meditation music, and relax.  We both fell asleep.  You concentrate on breathing in the salt air, which purify’s your body.

Here is a small excerpt from Salt Cave Santa Barbara’s page:

Natural Pure Himalayan crystal salt contains all the elements of which the human body is comprised. From the periodic table of elements we are familiar with 94 natural elements (stable as well as unstable). Apart from inert gases, all of these elements can be found in crystal salt. Hence, crystal salt contains all natural minerals and trace elements that are found in the human body.

We really felt amazing afterwards.  We also purchased two salt lamps.  One for our bedroom and one for the living room.  They release negative ions, good for the body, and also reduces indoor pollutants. Try them, I think you will be hooked.  We are!

ps perfect Valentine’s Day gift. (last minute shoppers)

salt cave1

salt cave5^^^This is a picture of one of the walls.  Completely made out of salt.^^^

salt cave^^^More of the walls.  This was right after I woke up, ao my eyes didn’t adapt to the flash very well. ha!^^^

salt cave4^^^This was what the ceilings looked like.^^^



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