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Baby book shopping

We had a little date night on Saturday night.  Of course that means we go out at 5 and we are home by 8.  Fine by me.  We decided to go have some sushi, of course I had to pass on the sushi and eat teriyaki steak, which was yummy.  But, I love sushi!  Then we decided to go buy some books for our little lady.  I read this article and many others, that talked about reading to your child while they are still in your womb, and how it helps with brain development.  Sounds good to me.  Here are the books that we picked out and have started reading to her…Also, if any of you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them.  We will be buying more, each month.


goodnight moon

time for bed



love you forever2



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Midweek Links



The weather is starting to cool down around us, and I love it!  We’ll see if it stays that way.  This week has been busy, but worth every headache.  Ha!  We are headed out of town for a month, and frankly I couldn’t be more excited!  I use to travel a lot,  and miss not doing it as much these days.  I’m thrilled to go check out a few new places for the next month!

Happy midweek, and yay,  we are almost to Friday!!!  Here are some links for a little midweek entertainment.


A couple leaves their jobs to build a glass house in the woods.

Have you seen this new shop?!

Diving deep without oxygen.  No thank you.

Splurging on this for Fall.

5 rules for a happier life.

If you’re looking for a good book, I just bought this, which I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

Connecting to your divine support system.

Letting go and moving on.

Making a nursery work no matter where you live.

One of my favorite bloggers,  turned me on to the idea of a much needed Utah trip, especially to this place.

15 of the most beautiful children’s books.  EVER!

I was this month’s featured sponsor over on this website.

Still one of my favorite quotes around.

Dr. Seuss is the best!

Words to live by.

If you have a baby or need to buy a baby gift, I highly recommend this shop.

Thinking about going back to the Bluegrass Festival.  I miss this place.

The Etsy shop Yarning Made sells the most dreamy blankets for babies and home.





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