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Life Lately

We hope everyone is having a lovely week. We went on a Monday night date, to kundalini. It was fun! It’s always fun when your partner wants to partake in your new found activity. Ha!

Life has been busy lately. We really hope you are all enjoying all of our different snack and drink options. We are starting an all natural beauty segment, when this ends.

Here is what we have been up to lately, via iPhone…

eleanor collage

We went to Earth day, and enjoyed lots of fun, organic goodies.

Eleanor climbs into everything these days. No boundaries for this one.

We gave Eleanor her first whole banana. She was in heaven! And yes, it was a huge mess. ha!

Eleanor makes more faces then I will ever be able to capture. Not that I thought for a second our child wouldn’t have a personality, but it’s beyond! She is freakin’ hilarious!!

Crawling everywhere, and peeks at me when she wants to do something naughty, to see if I’m looking. It takes one to know one, Eleanor. haha!

Chatbooks sent us a nice photo album to have, full of pictures of Eleanor. Love having all of those memories in one place.

Daddy and Eleanor dancing at a little gathering we attended for some friends. This picture was actually taken by a photographer at the gathering, and was sent to us. I love it so much!







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sushi date


Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here.  We have been extra busy with life.  Ha!  Usually we have a pretty good balance, but lately it has been going full speed, with not a second to pause.  It’s funny how when it rains it pours, and pours, and pours.  That’s ok, we are up for the challenge.  Anyways on another note, I finally got to have a Friday night, date night with my hubby.  After weeks, even months of him working long hours, and two jobs, we got to spend a Friday night together.  It was pure bliss.  We went out for sushi, which is our absolute favorite, and then went for an hour foot rub.  Oh geez, those foot spas, they are amazing.  We both happen to be on our feet ALL of the time, so we thoroughly enjoy them.  Try one, you won’t be disappointed.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!





sushi^^^Sorry about the picture quality, all I had with me was my iphone.^^^



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A fun night out


Hi! I Hope everyone had a great weekend, we sure did!  We even had a little date night on Sunday.  We went to see the Steve Miller band, at the Santa Barbara Bowl.  The bowl, in my opinion, is one of the best places to see a concert.  It’s outside, the acoustics are great, and the venue is small.  Perfection in my book.  I’ll tell ya Steve still has it, completely.  The man is 69, maybe 70, and his voice sounded just like he did when started out, at the Fillmore in San Francisco.  Very impressive.  Oh, and our seats, thanks to the husband, were pretty much front and center.

Thanks, hubby.  I love you and our date nights!










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