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exciting news!

Some of you may not know my background, but for 12 years I owned and operated an upscale women’s clothing boutique. It was my love and passion for so long, it was all I knew.  I never thought about marriage or a family, because my store was my marriage and my family.  After twelve hard, fun, frazzled, satisfying years, I sold my store packed up and moved to southern California.  I needed to rest.  I had put in long hours and I was “tired”.

On my drive from Omaha, Nebraska to Santa Barbara, California, I thought long and hard about what I wanted my next step in life to be.  I felt I had accomplished a lot for only being 32, but I also knew something was  missing.  I remember when I was 20 and everyone was going out all of the time, I was always working, but that’s where I wanted to be.  My twenties were a blur.  I worked and worked and worked some more.  I played hard on the weekends and continued to work.  It’s what I knew how to do best.  But I grew tired, and wanted a break.  So on a May morning, I packed my car, and started my journey half way across the country to California.  I remember the morning so vividly, I had the feeling that a huge “something” had been lifted off of my shoulders (a bittersweet moment, for sure).  I remember playing my music as loud as I could, with all of my windows rolled down, driving  for miles.  On my drive I realized, maybe in Utah, that I really did want to get married and settle down, and just maybe, have some children.

(obviously there are a lot of little details I spared you from.  Boring).

I arrived in Cali, and soon afterwards, met who would be my future husband.  We were just friends, no seriously, we were. Then the friendship blossomed into a beautiful relationship, then we got married.  And yes, it pretty much happened that fast.  I was experiencing a part of life I never even knew existed.  I was in pure bliss! I didn’t work for a while, then picked up a pretty good job, which to this day I’m thankful for, but it never really gave me the challenge or let me use my creative outlet.  I missed my store, and missed the creative energy it gave me.

And this is where the news starts:  after much thought and pondering I have decided to launch an online women’s clothing boutique, called Love Threads.  The web address is www.shoplovethreads.com.  The shop will carry reasonably priced clothing for any age woman.  I hope you all enjoy what you see and we will continue to add new items daily.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog from the beginning.  I never thought I’d have anyone more than a couple readers, aka family members, and it has blossomed into much more.  I love you all!





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currently noshing…

Healthy is where it’s at these days.  I’m loving all of the fruit, starting to be “in season”.  I went on a bit of a naughty snacking phase, but I’m back to the healthy eating.  I feel so much better when I eat the stuff my body really wants in it.  I love honeydew and watermelon, I could eat them all day long, everyday.  Both seem to satisfy that sweet tooth that I tend to get at night.  If I cut the fruit up and put it in a container in the refrigerator, I’m more likely to go grab that instead of running to the local (around the corner), snack shack for ice cream.  So here is to a healthy summer!

PS: I found this on one of my favorite blogs, and yes I’m going to treat myself to it this weekend.

Happy Weekend!

beach bbq bday 036



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A day in venice

venice 009

I was down in LA for business last week, so I decided to venture over to Venice, for a little window shopping.  Venice is a very unique and artistic city, with so many bright colors everywhere.  I love it!  It’s such a happy place, with happy people, and very cool architecture.

I was able to spend the day in Venice, with a good friend who lives in the area.  She shared her knowledge of all the gorgeous trees in Venice.   They are plum trees, completely red, actually, more maroon, full of bushy leaves and small Persian plums.  She was picking them like crazy, and I was eating them like crazy.  I also checked out Aviator Nation, this place is unreal.  I wanted one of everything.  Paige Mycoskie, is the brains behind this store.  She has one of the coolest places on Abbot Kinney Blvd.  Paige has purchased her own factory, which produces all of her stores clothing.  Made in the USA!!! Just what I like.  We wrapped our day up with a quick trip by the marina in Marina Del Rey.  It was the perfect ending to a fun day!

Thanks, Venice.  I’ll be back soon.

venice 010jpg

venice 003

venice 012

venice 001

venice 007

venice 025

venice 022



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