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Weekend Shenanigans

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We were busy, good busy.  The mister was working all weekend, but I was playing.  the weather was gorgeous.  I got to celebrate a friend’s birthday, attend a tea and crumpet gathering,  a fabulous dinner at this place, and go to the beach.

This was my first time going to a tea and crumpet party.  Crumpets, which are a mix between a pancake and an english muffin, are pretty darn good.  If you’d like to try them, you can purchase already made ones, at trader Joe’s.  They’re pretty much a carb overload, but, who doesn’t love that!  I was also part of a very special celebration this weekend, for a very special lady.  So proud of you, Stephanie.  Then Sunday rolled around, and it was time to hit the beach for a little r&r.  So we gathered some folks together and made a fun day out of it.  Thanks, friends.

I feel so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people, today.  Who knew life could be this good!


photo 2

tea and crumpets 006

tea and crumpets 005

tea and crumpets 029

tea and crumpets 021

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Currently Noshing…

weekend food 008

 This week we are indulging in, fresh, farmers market strawberries.  Yum!  We like to support the local farmers as much as we can.  We also try to eat almost everything organic.  This is not always the case, but we try.  Also, I just purchased It’s All Good
by Gwyneth Paltrow, and I love it!  The recipes are simple, yet a bit unique.  She also discusses the elimination diet, and shows by each recipe, if it is vegan, elimination or protein-packed.  Worth the buy especially if you’re up for a little change, to a healthier lifestyle.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

We are at Disneyland!  Off we go, to get ready to enter the happiest place on earth.

weekend food 001

weekend food 006

weekend food 005



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