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Herbal Remedies+Fashion

I wanted to introduce to you our newest addition to Love Threads, our apothecary section. I strongly believe in everything fashionable, and that even includes how we take care of ourselves.  I’ve used all of our products that we are carrying, for a long while before adding them to our shop.  So I stand strongly behind them.

Our health is what will keep us going for a long, long time. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy, glowing, strong woman. Instead of taking multiple supplements everyday, all you have to do is have a cup of one of our Moon Juice dusts, a spritz of our gypsy rose mist, and tend to your dosha, with a spritz of one of our Ayurveda mists.

Having a clean, fashionable lifestyle, has given me more gratitude for life. I have a clearer head, more energy (hello, to anyone with kiddos or works obscene hours), and my overall body, just feels good!

Below, I have shared some our newest products.  If you get a chance, pop over to our site to see, and read more in depth about them.


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Local health:sun potion


I mean, it’s no wonder the beauty industry is a billion dollar industry.  If I had a billion dollars, I’d probably spend it all on health and beauty products. Ha! Lets just say, I have a soft spot for product.

Recently, I came across a local company, to Santa Barbara, called Sun Potion. Sun Potion, is a company full of super foods, and tonic herbs.  Their products are perfect. They seem to put every bit of love that they have into their products. I’ve been purchasing mine from Lazy Acres, if you’re not local, you can purchase them here. It’s all about clean, holistic living. Conscious sourcing, something we all could learn a little more about.  Here is a small blurb from their website, that sums the company up nicely…” Our intention is to deeply nourish and activate the whole body, mind, and spirit with  these Transformational Foods.”

If this is a new area for you, take it slowly, and please do your research.  This is not for everyone.  However, I do believe this lifestyle is a safe, healthy one.

cacao nibs newASHWAGANDHA_grande newanandmide newAll pictures sourced from here.

*This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.*





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