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Welcome to LOVE THREADS. A mom-made boutique created while Eleanor was still inside mommy’s tummy. The shops very first click happened in Vero Beach, Florida where we had gone on the wings of a prayer and the hopes of a miracle happening. The miracle happened, (one of many too come) and we were blessed with a little girl. Today, LOVE THREADS is a flourishing boutique offering contemporary women’s clothing and accessories. The inspiration for this post is to share some of the behind the scenes activities that drive the entrepreneurial spirit of this amazing woman.


(Girls support girls tee available here)

Showcasing a few new arrivals to the store, hundreds of hours are spent filling orders, updating the sight, working on emails and social media all while being a mom and providing a fun loving, stable and secure home for Eleanor.


(Alden pant available here)

Being a business owner is a twenty four hour job, but if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. The rewards of creating a successful business, (from scratch) is the confidence that anything is possible. The greatest sense of accomplishment derives from overcoming the challenges that stand in the way of your dreams.









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Fall Is Here!

Fall is here, well in most parts of the country anyway. Santa Barbara, has a little bit of a warmer Fall than most places, but it’s still Fall in my mind. I’m from the Midwest, and this will always be one of my favorite seasons.

I decorated the porch on Sept 29th, I couldn’t wait. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy, but that’s OK. Halloween is right around the corner. YAY!!

The shop has so many new Fall arrivals, and I wanted to share a few with you. Also, some fun pictures from this last week.


Life Lately…..

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New Fall Arrivals…









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Home decor part 1


We are so excited to start a small, home decor series! We wanted to share a few of the wonderful products from companies that we have teamed up with, which will come later. First, some major inspo that we have going on from a couple of our favorite online stores.

We love ecarpetgallery.com and bryght.com. Both, very reputable companies, and their prices are for everyone. Their products are great quality, and they have a wide selection.

Stay tuned for more amazing products from both companies, along with a few more.

Here are a few items we’ve been dreaming about…

blog16 new

blog17 new

blog20 new

blog15 new

blog19 new

***Click on photos to direct you to their page***

***All photos from their company***





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Favorite calendars of 2016

Call me crazy, but for some reason this year, I have multiple calendars around our home. I guess I need them. Maybe, I just really like the aesthetics of them. Anyway, I found some good ones and wanted to share them with you, before it’s too late.

We do use multiple calendars to help us stay organized for home, work and social activities. It helps us with keeping some sort of structure in our home.  Plus, it’s nice to see all of the pretty pictures.

Cheers to 2016!

calendar new

calendar1 new

calendar2 new

calendar3 new

calendar4 new



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Dream Bedding



To continue on with our design décor series, we have found the dreamiest of dreamy bedding. Cariloha,

I’ve spent countless dollars on good bedding, because I firmly believe in, if you spend a little extra money you can have a quality product.  Not all of the time, but sometimes. Cariloha, is my new favorite brand. Their product is amazing.  The sheets and duvet both washed up nicely, and both are extremely soft.

On a side note, Cariloha has amazing customer service. The gentleman I dealt with couldn’t have been any kinder, and in today’s world, kindest to me means everything.

If you have a minute, go check out their products, I know you’ll love them.

We have this duvet, and this pair of sheets. Love them both!

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Does anyone else sit on Pinterest and dream about different spaces in your home and what to do with them? We all do, right?! I have so many different styles, and would love to one day have them all under one roof. Ha! You know, each room decorated completely different. I know, kind of weird.  Below are a few room inspos that caught my eye.

In the coming weeks, we have a few, fun home sites to share with you.  I know you will love them all! Until then…

home new home1 new home2 new home3 new home5 new home6 new***All pics courtesy of Pinterest***



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4 months


Time has flown by…

Eleanor is four months now, and there are so many changes taking place.  She is rolling over, having lots of conversations with us, and has started teething.  She really is a good baby, and definitely has her own personality.  Motherhood sure is fun, but completely exhausting all at the same time.  I’m hangin’ on tight to these next few months, because I know they are going to fly by.

We have finally moved into a bigger space, a home! We have a small back area, and a beautiful front yard.  When you live in Santa Barbara space is hard to come by, well, unless you’re Oprah. haha!

September is here, and I’m kind of ready for some Fall weather.  Even though Fall in Cali isn’t quite the same as Fall in the Midwest, I’ll still take it.  I just want to be able to put on a sweater once a week. Ha!

Cheers to September!!!


^^^Eleanor loves the beach^^^

eleanor5^^^Blurry pic, but here we are hanging in our new backyard^^^




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surf chic

We live on the coast, and therefore we surf.  Well, let me clear that up, my husband surfs.  I’m a beach girl.  I could stay, play and lay all day long if my life allowed.  Here are some homes that show just how chic surfing really is.  But, we all knew that anyway, right?!

Oh, by the way, can I please have all of these homes. One can always dream….

Chic surfing homes…










Picture source/original source



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I’m a big believer in “how a space feels.”  I like clean, white spaces.  Our home now isn’t white like I would love, but it is definitely clean and has an open feel about it.  Unfortunately, the walls are cream, with white trim.  It works, and is fine for now, until we have a place all of our own.  Here are some inspirational spaces that I really enjoy…

space collageliving room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom

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home inspiration: house plants





These plants are like large green sculptures?! They’re gorgeous.  I have to say I love giant plants in a home.  I definitely don’t have the best green thumb, but it has certainly gotten better over the years.  My latest favorite, is the fiddle leaf fig. You can find them at your local nursery.  If you see one, can you pick one up for me and drop it off on my doorstep.  Thanks!

Have a great weekend!

Source: the marion house book, designlovefest, Tracy Shumate, Carl Dahlstedt



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