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I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  We sure did.  Now it’s time to start taking down the decor.  I never like doing that.

Things have been quiet over here because we had family in town.  I thought instead of posting the normal midweek links I would do weekend links.  More time to check everything out anyways, right?!

ps..I love this quote above.  I truly am thankful for my life, even though, sometimes I do make mistakes.

Here are some things that you may be interested in…

Why men fear small babies.

A vacation rental website for families.

The most googled diet of 2013.

Hold the bikram, are there any real health benefits to sweating?

The perfect light-weight cardigan.

I’m loving this beautiful lace top, and the price!

10 smart tips to becoming a better grocery shopper.

What’s the deal with butter in coffee?

These beautiful photos will break your heart.

Salted chocolate tart with kettle chip crust.  Uh, yes please!

I love this Etsy shop, and especially this mug.




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midweek links


Hi!  I hope everyone is having a good week.  We are resting lots and trying to adjust back to pacific time, after being on east coast time for so long.  It’s hard.  We are definitely enjoying being back in our own bed, even though the bed we stayed in was quite comfy (it was a california king, which was massive).

It seems our weather is cooling down, which is quite nice.  I love Fall, or at least what we call Fall in Santa Barbara. ha!

Have a lovely rest of the week.  Here are some fun links to occupy you, if you choose…

Facts that will make you want to travel.

21 genius Larry David-isms for dealing with people.

Sad that these guys performed their last performance for a LONG time.

Found: Steve Jobs time capsule from 1983.

Their is something about a great tote/bag for Fall, that doesn’t break your pocketbook.

Considering soup season is right around the corner, this carrot soup recipe looks delish!

I will definitely spend money on a good pair of jeans.

The habits of supremely happy people.

The shocking truth about 9 foods you thought were vegetarian.

21 ways in which you’re not a functional adult.  This is a good laugh!

8 ways to stay cold-free this Fall.

9 yoga poses you can do in your bed.

These portraits of retired cheerleaders will put a smile on your face.  Gave me a good chuckle.

We just purchased this perfect little table, for out little dining space.

20 amazing chandeliers.

The mason jar blender trick: Do you know about this?






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midweek links


I hope everyone is having a good week.  We have been very busy working on some new projects over here.  I’m hoping to share some of them with you soon.  We are still in Florida, and enjoying every minute of it!  Have a lovely rest of the week.

Here are some fun links for you to check out…

The plant whisperer.

Champagne in a can, and it’s suppose to be really good.

If you are a new mom or expecting, I highly recommend trying one of these.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about them.

If you like deals, you should really check out this site.  They offer daily deals on jewelry, children’s  clothes, woman’s clothes, accessories, and much more.

Pretty lace cardigan.

The sweetest family.

California’s oldest resident passes away.

Zucchini noodles with pesto and roasted tomatoes?!  Yes please!

Sama Sama Test Kitchen opens in Santa Barbara.  A must try!

I love this rosemary dress.

I’m always looking for a good cardigan.

Everything in this shop is adorable.

Have you seen these amazing giveaways going on over at lovetaza’s blog?!

Have you ever been to a Kinfolk gathering?  They look dreamy.

This is my new favorite blog.  Beth does an amazing job on her cooking and photography skills.







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Midweek Links

big and carrie^^^Source^^^

Happy Wednesday!  We are still in Florida, and enjoying every minute of it.  We are so grateful for this opportunity, and still can’t believe we are able to be here for one whole month!

Here are some fun links for you to check out!

We are really enjoying figs around our home, so I thought I’d try this, plus we love the whole cheese idea with it.

The cutest ballet flats for everyday wear.

23 signs you’re secretly an introvert.

I’m loving blogger, jenloveskev new etsy shop.

I’m loving this light-weight jacket for Fall, the price is unreal.

I know I did a post on this artist last week, but seriously people his work is SO good.  I have to figure out a way to buy my favorite print, Tulum.

12 yogi approved foot care products.

Salted honey and fig cheesecake.

A beautiful post about marriage.

A fun holiday/baby announcement card.

A different twist on the baby mobile.

The perfect jean for Fall.

Hats are all the rage this Fall, and I’m crushing on this one.

Paleo chocolate zucchini bread.

Overalls aren’t for everyone, but here is a good first pair to try.

Have you ever been to Austin?  I have, a long time ago, but these pics are making me want to go back very soon.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  By the way, don’t you just love this weeks midweek link photo?!  I mean, who doesn’t love Mr. Big and Carrie?!











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