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Welcome to LOVE THREADS. A mom-made boutique created while Eleanor was still inside mommy’s tummy. The shops very first click happened in Vero Beach, Florida where we had gone on the wings of a prayer and the hopes of a miracle happening. The miracle happened, (one of many too come) and we were blessed with a little girl. Today, LOVE THREADS is a flourishing boutique offering contemporary women’s clothing and accessories. The inspiration for this post is to share some of the behind the scenes activities that drive the entrepreneurial spirit of this amazing woman.


(Girls support girls tee available here)

Showcasing a few new arrivals to the store, hundreds of hours are spent filling orders, updating the sight, working on emails and social media all while being a mom and providing a fun loving, stable and secure home for Eleanor.


(Alden pant available here)

Being a business owner is a twenty four hour job, but if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. The rewards of creating a successful business, (from scratch) is the confidence that anything is possible. The greatest sense of accomplishment derives from overcoming the challenges that stand in the way of your dreams.









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The City of Santa Barbara hosts the two day Earth Day festival that includes live music, delicious food, and activities for the whole family. With support from sponsors: Community Environmental Council, Loa Tree, +One Events, New Noise, Firestone Walker 805 Beer and over 250 volunteers, Alameda Park is transformed into a sustainably conscious playground rooted in environmental action and awareness. It’s fun and exciting learning about everything our community is working on to improve our environment.

Eleanor is doing her best balancing. She did a great job. We were impressed! “One small step…”.

In the barrel of a plastic wave. Thank you to iSurfSchool, Green Project Consultants and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for this image reminding us to protect our oceans.

Island Seed and Feed, is an all natural pet, garden and farm supply store in Goleta. They are guided by principles of urban sustainability, organic horticulture, and community responsibility.

We purchased seeds from High Mowing Organic Seeds, to start a tiny backyard garden. Eleanor has been asking us for a while to start one, so this was perfect timing. Now, it’s time to get to work!

We’re ready to plant yellow squash, Romanesco zucchini, little leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce and golden California wonder sweet peppers. Excited to get started!

Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association, is a nonprofit organization emphasizing, education, awareness and honeybee preservation to the community.

Making a stop at Mcconnell’s ice cream was a must! It’s creamy and delicious. Their ingredients are local, sustainable and organic. Yes, Please!







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Earth Day

eleanor13 new

This past weekend we celebrated mother earth. Dave took Saturday off, which is a rarity, so we got to hang with daddy all day!  We enjoyed all of the activities that were happening in Alameda Park, for Earth Day. One of the great things about Santa Barbara, is there’s always so many different activities for families to enjoy!

There were lots of kid activities too, which was nice.  Eleanor had the chance to play the drums, which she loved.  She loves her music! We took a semester off, but she will be back to her music class in a couple of months.  It’s been such a great investment for her.

We listened to lots of live music, and snacked on lots of healthy goodness.  It’s always nice to just throw a few blankets down, relax, and listen to some good tunes.  I also had the chance to check out one of my favorites, Sun Potion.  They had a booth and were offering 20% off all of their products, so I totally scored!  If you know me, you know I love my herbs!

We tied up the weekend with a children’s concert on the UCSB campus, where Eleanor got to enjoy a little fun, with some of her tiny friends.

Hope everyone is having an epic week!

eleanor14 new




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a little hidden gem

massage new

Happy midweek loves!

My husband called me the other day from work, to let me know he had booked me a 75 minute massage at a different place than our regular massage place.  I’m kind of picky about my massages.  Only because I really feel they are a treat when I get a chance to get them, so I want it to be GREAT!

The massage I was getting was at a place called Santa Barbara Body Works.  Folks that have lived here a while, may know this place.  It’s new to us. I was a bit hesitant when I arrived, only to be pleasantly surprised by how wonderful my massage was.  Here is the best part…75 minutes, for $35! WHAT! We pay A LOT more than that for 60 minutes.

However, you are in a room with probably 8 other people.  You are all divided with privacy curtains.  You do here a few moans and whatever other noises people make.  I heard a 70 year old man telling his therapist that he fell on his bum, so his left glute was sore. Hahaha! But, honestly, none of the noises bothered me, and they were not that loud.

If you are in Santa Barbara you should definitely give this place a try.  It’s a great deal, and the people could not have been any nicer. FYI: it’s hidden behind the Edward Jones building, on Mission street, and of course parking isn’t ideal.  I can manage the parking when I’m getting a 75 minute massage for $35.

Please check out their website, as the times change, and so do the prices depending on the therapist you choose.

I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I did.


***picture via Santa Barbara Body Works***




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Patricia Nash Designs


I always love being contacted by designers that are new to me, and have quality work.  As many of you know I was in the fashion industry for years, and now have my online store.  So, I can really appreciate quality workmanship.

Patricia Nash Designs, is based in Knoxville, TN.  Her love for traveling is shown in her work.  Her products are 100% authentic handcrafted Italian leather.  You can find them nationwide, or at Patricianashdesigns.com

Here is a little bit about the designer…

What is your background?  I have been designing, selling, and marketing handbags and other accessories for other brands for over 20 years. First I was focused on licenses with Warner Bros. Disney, to private brand development for American Eagle, J Crew, and Ann Taylor to name a few.

When did you start designing?  I started designing and making wedding cakes to support myself in college to then designing kitchen products, children’s products to handbags and small accessories nearly 20 years ago

What other things do you design besides handbags?  Small leather goods, luggage, belts, hats, and boots. We look forward to expanding our product line as Patricia Nash grows as a brand.

Price range of handbags? $99-299

How would you describe your line? European Old world craftsmanship for today’s woman

What do you do outside of designing? Management of the business, still serve as Pres of Company-  mother of 2 and grandmother of 6 – still decorate cakes for family members. I love cooking, travelling and appreciating any type of old world craftsmanship.

Has designing handbags always been your passion? Designing and creating something in general sharing it with people has always been my passion whether cakes, food, bags, or a flower arrangement.

Patricia Nash Store and Macy’s La Cumbre Invite Customers to “Shop For A Cause”

 Patricia Nash is set to open its first ever shop-in-shop on Saturday, August 23rd at Macy’s La Cumbre located at 3805 La Cumbre Plaza Lane, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. The new boutique, which will be a 400 sq ft. space located on the 1st floor of Macy’s handbag department, will offer a vast selection of handbags and accessories from the brand. At the opening of the new shop, the brand’s designer and founder, Patricia Nash will make a personal appearance from 12:00 – 3:00pm.

 In tandem to the unveiling, Patricia Nash will be participating in Macy’s “Shop For A Cause” event. Customers will have a chance to buy a $5 pass one week leading up to the opening, which proceeds will go directly to support March of Dimes, a leading non-profit organization which funds research for healthy pregnancy and baby health.  In return for purchasing the $5 pass, customers will receive a 25% off discount on all Patricia Nash merchandise on Saturday, August 23rd. In addition to “Shop For A Cause,” Patricia Nash will offer other in-store incentives for customers. The first 10 shoppers who spend $100 or more on Patricia Nash merchandise will receive a $20 Macy’s Gift Card. Additionally, Macy’s shoppers will also be given the chance to enter a raffle to win a one-of-a-kind Patricia Nash handbag.

Hope to see everyone there!

Until then, here are some of my favorites…








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ice cream

ice cream

I don’t know about you, but I’m completely addicted to the food network.  I watch almost all of the shows, and dream about how I’m going to make fancy meals for my husband.  Doesn’t usually happen, but the thought is there.

If you have ever watched Barefoot Contessa, you’re familiar with her small dinner parties,  held at her Hamptons home. It’s the most dreamy place. On one of her shows she had a woman from Santa Barbara.  The woman, who is Rori Trovato, brought her amazing homemade organic ice cream, for dessert.  Of course I had to get to the bottom of where this place was.  I found it!   It’s called Rori’s Artisanal Creamery.   I want to tell you that if you live in the Santa Barbara area you must try.  The husband and I both tried the same thing because it sounded so good.  We got honey lavender, and mint.  I cannot even begin to tell you about how fresh and creamy it was.   The service was great, and the atmosphere is nice, but the ice cream blew us away.   New favorite spot,  for sure!

Check it out: Rori’s Arisanal Creamery

1024 D Coast Village Road

Montecito CA

ice cream1^^^I mean, look at all of the great flavors.^^^

ice cream2^^^Next time we will try different things, but this is definitely going to be one of our favorites.^^^

ice cream5



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weekend shenanigans

popsicles and chalk 065

popsicles and chalk 060

Last weekend we had the I Madonnari going on in Santa Barbara.  This is an Italian street painting festival, where local artists do different chalk drawings.  The festival is sponsored by local businesses.  It was held at the Santa Barbara Mission.  The Mission alone is a gorgeous site, and then, add all of these amazing artists’ drawings, and it was beautiful.  I got to go with my husband, which was a bonus, because as I’ve mentioned before, I never get to see him, due to his work.  I love when we get to spend days and nights together.  He’s my best friend.  Love you, husband.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Oh…I snapped a picture of the view we had from the Mission.  Santa Barbara, we sure love your beauty.

popsicles and chalk 050

popsicles and chalk 020

popsicles and chalk 030^^^The gnome was my favorite.  Isn’t he cute.^^^

popsicles and chalk 036

popsicles and chalk 059

popsicles and chalk 016^^^This was my second favorite. 3-D^^^

popsicles and chalk 057

popsicles and chalk 031

popsicles and chalk 046^^^The beautiful Mission^^^

popsicles and chalk 032

popsicles and chalk 054

popsicles and chalk 015

popsicles and chalk 025

popsicles and chalk 037




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A taste of Brasil in Santa Barbara

brasil arts cafe 002

A few months back I was reading a great article about a young couple who opened a Brazilian cafe on State street,  I knew immediately I wanted to give it a try, I love Brazilian food!  Dave and I decided to venture over last night and give it a whirl.  We loved it!  We were greeted by a very friendly girl working at the front counter.  We ordered the churrasco na chapa and the BAC salad. Both were insanely good.  The churrasco, which is charbroiled prime cut coulotte steak, and sausage, served with rice, beans, farofa and chimichurri sauce.  The salad was a mix of romaine lettuce, hearts of palm, Brazilian nuts, carrots, beets, cherry tomatoes, and red onions.  The flavors were delicious in both dishes.  Before our food came out, the owner did, Daniel Yoshimi, a great guy, who was super friendly and was great about letting us photograph his place.  He walked Dave to the back of the restaurant where there is a studio, which offers capoeira, which is a Brazilian martial arts, that combines elements of dance and music.  Below is the schedule for all of the classes offered.  The classes are for all ages, whoever wants to dance.  We absolutely loved this place, from the friendly service to the amazing food.  We will definitely be going back, and better yet, we live right around the corner.  Brasil Arts Cafe 1230 State street, Santa Barbara, CA 805-845-7656

Muito Bom!

brasil arts cafe 020

brasil arts cafe 012

brasil arts cafe 018

brasil arts cafe 007

brasil arts cafe 031

brasil arts cafe 027

brasil arts cafe 008

brasil arts cafe 004

brasil arts cafe 011








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