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surf chic

We live on the coast, and therefore we surf.  Well, let me clear that up, my husband surfs.  I’m a beach girl.  I could stay, play and lay all day long if my life allowed.  Here are some homes that show just how chic surfing really is.  But, we all knew that anyway, right?!

Oh, by the way, can I please have all of these homes. One can always dream….

Chic surfing homes…










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things1If you remember from this post, we went to Ron Jon Surf Shop in Florida, and found this quite appropriate sign for our home.  We got a good laugh with it.  After all, my husband is a surfer.  If you don’t know the surfer etiquette, they tend to only like their “local” folk in their water.  Whatever.  Men.

thingsThis is our second batch of stickygrams, and we love them.  They make great gifts, and they’re also such a great conversation piece.  Who doesn’t like looking at somebody else’s photos. It’s such a great concept, and so easy to do.  The link for them is on the sidebar of our homepage.  I love being able to look back at fun times with family and friends.

things3Sorry about the wrinkles, I literallyJUST pulled this awesome new sweater out of the bag.  I love it!  I can throw it on with yoga pants, or with jeans, and it instantly makes an outfit cute.  I’m so excited for sweater season.  Please, get here, fast!

flowerthings1Yes, I am excited for sweater season, but I am sad to see tulips go.  I found these at Trader Joe’s the other day and grabbed them, knowing that they are probably the last for a while.  Don’t you just love tulips?  They make a home happy and colorful.

things2Music is our happiness!  We play it all day, everyday.  Currently we are on the look out for a record cabinet.  What we use now, we are outgrowing, because our collection is growing.  This record player has been a good investment, not a huge one, but worth every penny.  If you’re looking for a good, affordable record player, try this crosley one, we love ours!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!



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A birthday celebration

daves bday 026

We had a special birthday celebration for my best friend this last weekend, my husband.  We celebrated all weekend long, in between all of his work.  We went to the beach for some surfing, breakfast, dinners, and even a homemade cake!  If you couldn’t tell, we like to eat.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Happy Birthday honey, you’re one in a million!

I love you…

daves bday 022

daves bday 027^^^Some friends of ours were over when Dave arrived home, so we surprised him and sang “happy birthday!”^^^

daves bday 030^^^obligatory b-day picture with your wife^^^

bday7^^^Surf day, because the waves were perfect and so was the weather^^^

bday4^^^We went out for hibachi for dinner, and almost lost our eyebrows:)^^^






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