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I don’t know Rachelle Tratt personally, but I admire her from afar through her beautiful Instagram,  blog, and of course her beautiful hamsa necklaces.  She’s on a spiritual journey that captivates you through her story and pictures, and how peaceful and serene her life is.  She started The Neshama Project, the mission is to have a hamsa as a support, to the people and organizations making a difference in the world today, and making the world a happier, brighter place.  I’m only giving you a synopsis of her story, which sounds similar to mine in many ways, and many I know.  Head over to her website to read more, and check out her beautiful necklaces.  Oh, and every purchase made from the The Neshama Project, they will donate towards your choice of Innovation Africa or Zeno Mountain Farm.It’s people like Rachelle that make the world a happier, better place.

Here is a little video of Rachelle.  She is a gem.
Vault- The Neshama Project from VAULT on Vimeo.




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