The True Alchemist

Lotus Wei was created by Katie Hess through her quest to help people experience more happiness and accelerate personal growth. In her search, she studied many different kinds of natural medicine and discovered flower essences, and the powerful affect they have on emotions, attitudes, and life situations. Realizing the power of this significant agent of change, she trained internationally with a top flower essence practitioner, and was soon combining remedies for people. At this time she also met several meditation masters from the Far East and committed herself to daily meditation practice, which deepened her understanding of nature, flower essences and life in general. Katie decided to create a line of elixirs consisting of combinations of several flower essences, all organic.

I have tried Joy Juice, Infinite Love and Quiet Mind. I love them all! You may use the elixirs as perfume, toner or even on your pillow at night. (Quiet Mind is great for that)

Lotus Wei is nourishing for the mind, body and soul.


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